Description The InterviewCongratulations! You have received a call from the director of the Multigenerational Center, and he would like you to come in for an…


The InterviewCongratulations! You have received a call from the director of the Multigenerational Center, and he would like you to come in for an interview! In order to be completely prepared for your interview, he has shared with you a list of possible questions they could ask you during the interview. You will choose one question from each of the five big ideas: issues and trends in your field, environments, personal and ethical practices, leadership, and professional development. Respond comprehensively. Therefore, your assignment will consist of a response to five different questions, one from each category, which will prepare you for the interview.Choose the link to your program to view the correct interview questions to be prepared for your interview,• BAECE Bachelor of Art in Early Childhood EducationTo prepare for this assignment, explore The Multigenerational Center Clients (Links to an external site.) interactive and review the Interview Prep Worksheet (Links to an external site.) as well as AU Career & Alumni Services’ Career Exploration & Planning. (Links to an external site.)You will find many resources including general interview questions and tips on how to follow up after the interview. Use the Bullet Point Worksheet to help summarize your accomplishments for your employer.In your seven-paragraph written assignment, you must include the following:• Include an introductory paragraph with the name of your program (Early Childhood Education), the title of the job you are applying for (Activities Coordinator)from the Multigenerational Job Board (Links to an external site.) and an explanation of why you are the perfect candidate for the job. ( I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been working with children and families for more than fifteen years, I was a lead teacher for a childcare center, I managed a classroom of 24 students and two assistant teachers. In the absence of the director, I helped manage the Daycare Center that I worked at. I also managed my family childcare program, Sunday school teacher, Fellowship coordinator)• Include an introduction that begins with a succinct thesis statement.• Include five body paragraphs addressing each of the questions chosen. (The question must be the heading of each paragraph.) Be sure you are addressing each question with critical thought. You want to stand out!• Defend why the director should choose you for the position in your conclusion.

Sample Solution
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