Assume the CG knows what theJLTV is, why it was created and has general military knowledge of the program from the last 10 years.2) Some…

Assume the CG knows what theJLTV is, why it was created and has general military knowledge of the program from the last 10 years.2) Some of you seem to believe that an information paper only includes facts. This is not true. Aninformation paper still must have context. The paper still must provide a “so what” to the reader. Why wouldthe recent developments of the JLTV program be applicable to the DIV? Are there simple comparisons ofthe current JLTV that can be put in context to the CG enabling better understanding of the vehicle’scapability rather than just stating data? Are there planning considerations the DIV could assume from otherJLTV fieldings?

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erminology to explain discrimination; Direct discrimination: when a student is treated less favourably than another student due to a protected trait. Indirect discrimination: apply for a criterion, provision or practice in the same manner for a group of pupils but, which has the impact of putting students sharing safeguarded traits at a specific disadvantage, and one cannot rationalise the practice as being ‘proportionate ways of validating a lawful objective’. Further, the EA (2010) speaks about the discrimination by perception and discrimination by association and also introduces a new phenomenon ‘discrimination emanating from a disability’ which restores disability associated discrimination under the earlier Disability Discrimination Act, 1955. How EA 2010 Differs from Earlier Acts The EA (2010) now declares it is illegal to discriminate against an individual with a disability for a reason that is associated to their disability. The EA also makes it illegal to have regulations, practices, policies and rules that are applicable to each and every one, but which specifically disadvantage people with disabilities. All schools in U.K are required to make suitable fine-tuning to permit students with disabilities to take part in the educational activities fully in their schools. The EA now places three important duties on schools in U.K., which are as follows: Less Favourable Treatment Students with disabilities should be treated at par with non-disabled children Reasonable Adjustments Supporting the EA, Hills (2013 :2 p13) stipulates that ‘Children with disabilities are authorised to have adequate adjustments made in respect to admission facilities or in receiving the education and associated services, to stop them from being placed at a considerable difficulty, unless the rebuttal to make these fine-tunings can be justified’. Definition of disability under the EA>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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