Select ONE of the following movies to view and write about: A Better Life OR first two episodes of UPLOADThey are both available via Netflix.UPLOAD…

Select ONE of the following movies to view and write about: A Better Life OR first two episodes of UPLOADThey are both available via Netflix.UPLOAD (first two episodes):


video&sr=1-2A Better Life:

+movie&qid=1589829276&s=instantvideo&sprefix=a+better+life%2Cinstant-video%2C142&sr=1-1The topic of the essay is “masculinity.” Write 500 words total that answer the following questions:[Please note that essays that are 100 words below word count will receive a 10-point deduction right off

the bat.]Both of these productions have strong male leads (the father and son in A Better Life – Carlos Galindo andLuis Galindo, respectively – and the lead character in UPLOAD, respectively).Based on the production that you viewed, what are the different ways that the concept of “masculinity”manifests itself? And how does the concept of “masculinity” shape the plot?Please provide examples from the production that you viewed.What are the ways that the production’s plot challenges the traditional construction of masculinity? (Thetraditional construction of masculinity is that men should be strong – emotionally and physically; that theyshould be unemotional and powerful in the family and in one’s profession).Please provide examples of how the production you watched offers contrasting examples of “traditionalmasculinity,” i.e. masculinity that is not exclusively based on physical power and domination.Now that you have read these two questions, let’s all get on the same page about “masculinity.” These twoonline articles both define masculinity and present the difficulties of its social construction, and the

burden they impose.“Redefining masculinity,” American Psychological Association, June 2012,“The boys are not alright,” The New York Times, Feb. 21, 2018,

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The Incredible Years programs are multi-versatile educational program/preparing programs that are used by a great many guardians, instructors, and youngsters over the world. Regardless of whether a youngster has a diagnosable issue, is certainly not a set prerequisite for program capability. In any case, this being stated, the program was intended for an intended interest group with some regular central focuses. The Incredible Years programs primarily target youngsters that have been determined to have disarranges, for example, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), and CD (Conduct Disorder) (Webster-Stratton, 2013). Additionally included inside the objective populace are financially distraught families, worker families, families alluded by CPS (Child Protective Services), and youngsters who show socio-enthusiastic issues (Webster-Stratton, 2013). Since the Incredible Years programs have such a different objective group of spectators, essential conveyance settings for the program likewise fluctuate. Conveyance settings for the projects are quite often network based, however now and then they can be somewhat increasingly selective. A few instances of essential conveyance areas for the projects include: emergency clinics, psychological well-being offices, jails, covers, homes, strict associations, essential consideration offices, grade schools, YMCAs, and in particular Head Start preschools (Webster-Stratton, 2013). Taking into account that the projects are centered around surviving and anticipating social, lead, scholarly, and social issues/issues inside kids, the objective populaces legitimately relate with program objectives. On the off chance that lead, social, and scholastic issues are avoided and treated at an opportune time they can hinder the beginning of: cutting edge direct issue, substance misuse, brutality, scholarly underachievement, and future wrongdoing (Webster-Stratton, 2013). This is particularly valid for kids and guardians who originate from impeded and high hazard foundations with negligible assets (Webster-Stratton, 2013). As a network based asset the Incredible Years programs fill in as a life saver for families that don’t have the financially intends to get the guide they need.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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