Matthew Desmond argues for income inequality in the U.S.?

After reviewing the course materials, what is one reason Matthew Desmond argues for the income inequality in the U.S.?Do you believe the U.S. is a…

After reviewing the course materials, what is one reason Matthew Desmond argues for the income inequality in the U.S.?Do you believe the U.S. is a meritocratic society? Why or why not?Provide feedback to two of your classmates. Point out any weaknesses or strengths in their posts.

Based on Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory, list two core, two semi-periphery, and two periphery countries. Briefly explain why you placed each country in each segment.

define cisgender AND provide one example of a privilege that comes to those who fall under this category.

Privilege is something that only people who are part of a particular group or category benefit from or experience.

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vestigated and conceptualized by Clore and Byrne (1974), the comparability fascination worldview states that sharing certain qualities positively affects connections. As it were, individuals are more pulled in to individuals who are comparable, as opposed to disparate, to themselves. This could imply that sharing a segment trademark, for example, sex, could influence LMX connections decidedly. For sure, Wayne, Shore, and Liden (1997) recommend that sex altogether and decidedly impacts the sentiment of similitude, and along these lines subordinate’s assessment of administrators. The other way around, chiefs who see a higher level of likeness among them and a subordinate, are bound to arrange this subordinate into an in gathering. Reliable with these outcomes, Varma and Stroh (2001) found that equivalent sex dyads detailed higher appraisals of LMX, and that in both in and out gatherings, the dominant part appears to comprise of same-sex individuals. They found that being in an equivalent sex dyadic relationship fundamentally anticipated a pioneer’s relational effect. In addition, female subordinates with female pioneers got higher LMX scores than male subordinates with male pioneers. This backings the thought that female-female dyads are of most elevated LMX quality. This could be a result of the way that they contribute additional time and regard for connections, making correspondence between females more smooth than in female-male or male-male dyads. Supporting these outcomes, in a recent report by Larwood and Blackmore, understudies were told to enlist members for an examination venture. The aftereffects of the examination demonstrated that female understudies would in general enroll progressively female members, and male understudies would in general select increasingly male members, recommending an equivalent sex inclination. Research additionally shows that guys will in general accept fruitful pioneers have progressively “male” attributes and characters, and females will in general accept effective pioneers can be both “manly” and “ladylike” (Schein, Mueller, Lituchy, and Liu, 1996). This could demonstrate that male->GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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