The diameter of Ping-Pong balls manufactured at a large company is normally distributed with a population mean of μ = 1.3 inches and a standard…

The diameter of Ping-Pong balls manufactured at a large company is normally distributed with a population mean of μ = 1.3 inches and a standard deviation of σ = .04 inches. The quality control department selects several random samples of N =16 Ping-Pong balls.

a. What is the expected value of the mean? What is the standard error of the mean?b. What percentage of the sample means will be less than 1.287 inches?c. What percentage of the sample means will be between 1.28 and 1.32 inches?d. What two sample means form the boundaries for the middle 60% of the distribution? (Hint: You will need to convert the z-values into sample means.)

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