Note: the movie is enjoyable! Write down what you learned about the process of crossing the border based on Jose & Maria’s experiences in…

Note: the movie is enjoyable!

Write down what you learned about the process of crossing the border based on Jose & Maria’s experiences in the film: Explain what challenges (physical, emotional, and psychological) Jose and Maria faced?How were their journeys of crossing the border similar and different?How is the process of crossing the border nowadays for a person without legal documents? It is ok if you do not, you may write based on what you have learned personally or on the media. Write down questions you may have about this if you do not know this. Worth 15 ptsWhat are some possible challenges Latino immigrants may face nowadays and how it may be different or similar to Jose and Maria’s story? Worth 10 ptsPlease select at least one of their children to follow during the movie and write what you learned about the character you chose from a person-environment perspective? Elaborate on challenges and strengths at the micro (personal, individual level), mezzo (community groups such as schools, access to community resources), and macro-level (laws, policies, and programs at the national level). Worth 20 ptsWhat kind of help and services “Chucho” and his family could have benefited from in his adolescent years? List some of the micro, mezzo, and macro needs for “Chucho” and his family. Worth 10 ptsWhat kind of help and services “Jimmy” and his family could have benefited from if services were available? Worth 10 ptsWhat were some of Jimmy’s needs that a social worker should consider when trying to understand his situation? e.g., how the events he experienced affected him as a child, ten, and as an adult. Worth 10 ptsWhat did you learn about the family and their culture? What cultural aspects and family dynamics be considered when working with this family? Worth 10 ptsReflect on any personal reactions about cultural differences or similarities between you and the characters in the movie. Write down any bias or negative serotypes that this family may face. Worth 10 ptsWhat social work values and ethics can guide you if you were working with “Chucho or Jimmy”? Worth 10 ptsElaborate on what you learned from the movie that you may have already known before. Worth 10 pts

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While Hoover was president from 1929 to 1933 he settled on numerous choices and made numerous residential approaches. Hoover was not an exceptionally mainstream president in view of his supremacist inclinations. While endeavoring to make more employments for Americans, he extradited a huge number of Mexican settlers. Hoover attempted to improve the economy by utilizing his concept of volunteerism. He was exceptionally supremacist towards minorities and was viewed as extremely undemocratic. Hoover took care of minority rights, joblessness rates, and the economy in his own specific manner and prevailing at his objectives in spite of the fact that they might not have been to the greatest advantage of numerous Americans. Herbert Hoover managed joblessness and openings for work by diminishing the quantity of individuals searching for occupations. On October 29, 1929, the securities exchange smashed and the country was sent into a financial downturn. Hoover urged business pioneers to carry on as typical in spite of the downturn. There weren’t a ton of employments accessible for Americans so he endeavored to make openings for work. He did this by extraditing Mexican workers persuasively for a long time. Somewhere in the range of 1929 and 1936, Hoover expelled countless Mexicans, which was known as the Mexican Repatriation. Despite the fact that it was profoundly dubious and there were better approaches to manage the circumstance, Hoover was effective in making more openings for work. Hoover progressed in the direction of improving the economy. While he was president, the economy smashed and many individuals reprimanded him for it. He was a safeguard of free enterprise, a monetary framework wherein exchanges between private gatherings are liberated from government mediation. This incorporates things like guideline, benefits, taxes, and sponsorships. He was extremely dedicated to a little government and upheld a free market so he didn’t do a lot of when the market smashed. Hoover upheld volunteerism inside the network and trusted it was the most ideal approach to illuminate the issue of destitution. He believed that deliberate cooperation among open and private associations would enable the economy to prevail since, in his view, government guideline and contribution in business would just damage the econ>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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