Design and justify an evidence-based motor control intervention plan. Theintervention will be targeted at a specific population (chosen by the student) and will aim to…

Design and justify an evidence-based motor control intervention plan. Theintervention will be targeted at a specific population (chosen by the student) and will aim to address, at

most, two specific issues (where more issues exist, please prioritise) over a maximum of a five week

period. Motor Control theories should be taken from those found in Unit 5 (instruction and augmented

feedback, chapters 14 & 15) and unit 6 (practice conditions, chapters 16-19) of the prescribed text (list

also seen below).

Demonstration and verbal instructionsAugmented feedbackPractice variability and specificityThe amount and distribution of practiceWhole or part practiceMental practiceInternal or external focus of attention (chapter 9 can also be chosen)Each student has the freedom to select their own ‘population’ and ‘specific issues’. Examples from last

year included groups such as the elderly, pre-school children, pregnant mothers, stroke victims, youth

sport settings, elite sport and many more

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