Today, there is a great multitude and varieties of new products available in stores and online, from which consumers can choose. Think about the new…

Today, there is a great multitude and varieties of new products available in stores and online, from which consumers can choose. Think about the new products you’ve seen in the past two or three years, then choose a new product from any category.

Questions (2×5 = 10 Marks)

How would you define the attributes and benefits of the chosen product?Define the core, actual, and augmented product benefits.Briefly describe the steps in the new product development process.Each product will have a life cycle, although its exact shape and length are not known in advance. Explain each step in the PLC.What are the dimensions upon which a company manages its product portfolio?

Sample Solution
This opening of Elizabeth’s reaction is energetically unexpected. There is an affection to the terms of address, ‘pug’, and ‘my Wat’. ‘Wat’ was utilized towards an individual (OED), especially one of closeness (‘an extraordinary wat’ was normal). It was additionally one of Elizabeth’s pet names for Raleigh originating from his first name, Walter. ‘Pug’ too was an affectionate nickname, ‘additionally applied to a toy, as a doll or pet’. To be sure, the tone of this poem rather reverberates with a grown-up tenderly rectifying an absurd youngster. It is, to a degree taunting, and a job inversion as it belittles Raleigh to something which can be typified, and essentially disposed of. Apparent likewise is the tone of recognition – this is a lady who knows Raleigh, ‘Elizabeth’s reaction, painstakingly organized with Raleigh’s lines builds up its own astoundingly delicate, urging tone’. This loving tone of the section here recommends this is close to an agreeable bother among Raleigh and Elizabeth. Works did, all things considered, structure a piece of Elizabethan amusement. The gathering of poems permitted Elizabeth to encourage feature her opposition. As Stephen Greenblatt without a doubt claims there can be no ‘protection’ when a ruler, or any retainer, is composing. I concur with Greenblatt that the level of protection managed by the earth of a Queen would be negligible, however I should include this doesn’t really prevent her work here. The exposure worked in support of her. By using humor, Elizabeth can verifiably scrutinize those scrutinizing her status as the ‘Virgin Queen’ through the type of carefree amusement. Cleverness is a successful vehicle for covering allegation. The technique for equivocalness here is totally different to that of the underlying witticism, yet in any case, Elizabeth is ever-aware of her fierce condition and basic crowd. Some analysis does anyway take note of that there can be a few questions about whether this refrain was Elizabeth’s, with Leah Marcus clarifying how Elizabeth’s answer has ‘strikes through the recognizable proof and the sonnet itself’, causing a tentativeness of its validness. This will be considered, in spite of the fact that obviously its creation isn’t an inquiry one can completely reply. Section was not composed exclusively for pr>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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