The books of Luke and Acts are the most controversial in the New Testament today. The current scholarly dating of Luke-Acts places these books in…

The books of Luke and Acts are the most controversial in the New Testament today. The current scholarly dating of Luke-Acts places these books in the 115-120 CE period. Use both Pervo PDFs and your own research in this essay. 1) Discuss the relationship between Luke-Acts and the works of Josephus. How does the author of Luke-Acts employ Josephus as a source? 3) Discuss Acts’ relationship to Paul. How are his letters (particularly Galatians) used as sources for Acts? How does the author of Acts change the events of Paul’s life? Why does the Acts author see the need to significantly alter Paul’s theology and teachings?The figures of Jesus’ mother Mary and Mary Magdalene have been problematic in the Christian community for as long as Christianity has existed, even though both women are the only confirmed witnesses to Jesus’ execution. Use Mark, Luke-Acts, John, the Infancy Gospel of James, and the Gospel of Philip, in this essay. 1) Compare and contrast the figure of Mary Magdalene in Mark, Luke-Acts, John, and the Gospel of Philip. How and why do you think her portrayal changes over time and differs between different 1st-2nd century Christian groups? 2) Examine the figure of Jesus’ mother Mary as she is portrayed in Mark and in the Infancy Gospel of James. How do they differ?Apocalyptic literature is a peculiar genre, with well-defined elements, tone, and subject matter. Use both Collins PDFs and your own research in this essay. 1) What are the origins of apocalyptic literature? 2) What are the two varieties of apocalypses, and what are some of the elements found within the genre? 3) What is the tone and outlook on the world in which apocalypses assume? Provide examples from Daniel, Revelation, and the War of the Sons of Light (1QM).

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Many help clients are here and there impeded and may have needed to manage neediness, social avoidance and additionally separation. Proficient social work esteems are a piece of the center capabilities (CCETSW), these are characterized as “having an unmistakable arrangement of qualities which effectively illuminates your social work practice, especially concerning advancing the natural ‘worth’ or ‘estimation’ of another individual” (K111 helps to rehearse card). Esteeming something implies that we know its value “this is fundamental in social work accurately on the grounds that many help clients are seen by society as ‘undeserving’ or as ‘useless’. To be sure, some assistance clients have this perspective on themselves” (K111 helps to rehearse card, esteeming). Realizing that there are laws and guidelines set up guaranteeing that they have rights may engage administration clients, Bray and Preston Shoot (1995:48 refered to in Social Work, Themes, Issues and Critical Debates p.38) express that enabling an individual will give them “more command over their lives, to have a more prominent voice in establishments, administration and circumstances which influence them”. “At times the interest to be treated in a reasonable way agrees with lawful necessities, for instance, the laws disallowance of supremacist conduct and practices underpins the interest that all individuals are treated with deference. All help clients reserve the option to hope to be treated in a non-unfair route and to be educated about their privileges” (exercise manual p11). The course peruser states that “the law can likewise be viewed as a victor of the unprivileged and confiscated” and Williams (as refered to in course peruser p.15) “sees the law and the language of rights as having an influence in the battle against separation: “for the verifiably sabotaged, the presenting of rights is sy>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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