Nursing Concept Analysis Concept analysis is the dissection of a concept into simpler terms to promote clarity and mutual understanding in the nursing field. It…

Nursing Concept Analysis
Concept analysis is the dissection of a concept into simpler terms to promote clarity and mutual understanding in the nursing field. It improves a better understanding of a concept in nursing research (Alghamdi 451). For example, researchers in the nursing field have been researching on the concept behind the relationship between pregnancy and breathlessness. The concept analysis is essential since when nurses have a better understanding of the condition of patients they can promote better patient outcomes (Alghamdi 453). Therefore, nurses should strive to understand the relationship between various concepts by carrying out analysis and research.
Nursing relies on evidence-based research and practice. It is the role of a nurse to ensure that the practices they embrace have been extensively researched. Additionally, a clear understanding of the concepts helps in better prescription of medication (Flott and Lois 504). For example, better understanding of cancer concepts currently can be essential in future development of better medication. Therefore, researchers in nursing strive to get a clear understanding of concepts they are studying. Additionally, the concept analysis is used to shed light on previous prejudices that were held without the knowledge of the researchers (Flott and Lois 506). It is thus essential to promote evidence-based practice which is used to provide premier treatment procedures.
The nursing practice relies on various theoretical and creative restructuring of ideas for the purposes of semantic view of phenomena. Concept analysis is important while developing nursing theories that simplify the understanding of phenomena (Rodgers, Cynthia and Kathleen 452). Healthcare workers are thus required to have a clear understanding of the various concepts. For example, the development and innovation of technological solutions in treatment such as artificial intelligence, electronic health services, and Electronic Health Records should be utilized to improve the quality of health (Flott and Lois 506). It is thus crucial to understand how different concepts of the technology can be used to improve quality of health.
Concept analysis in nursing relies on a comprehensive literature review. A researcher should strive to understand what previous studies have done in regards to the topic of study. The literature review will help identify the gaps, differences, and misconceptions by different researchers (Alghamdi 455). A critical literature review analysis will identify the basis of various arguments and provide clarity of a concept. Therefore, the knowledge acquired is used to define ambiguous concepts that may have hindered quality healthcare (Flott and Lois 507). Nurses should strive to gain quality knowledge in concept analysis to eliminate prejudice and ambiguity in their treatment decisions.
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