Provide your opinion in your own word what do you think about post below.1.Strokes are considered a Neurological condition that impairs the brain. When describing…

Provide your opinion in your own word what do you think about post below.1.Strokes are considered a Neurological condition that impairs the brain. When describing a stroke you

have to remember that it is usually broken into 2 sub categories -hemorrhagic or ischemic. Hypertension

is a significant factor for hemorrhagic stroke, while blocked blood flow is the cause of ischemic stroke

caused by blood coagulation or atherosclerosis, a condition that builds over time due to the reduction of

the arteries. The functions of the affected brain area diminish or are lost due to the nervous system’s

inability to transmit impulses when the brain cells are deprived of oxygen (Falkne & Green,2018).

Primary prevention from Stroke includes managing hypertension. Changing to low sodium foods in your

diet become an absolute must. This is generally because Blood from the lungs and heart contain oxygen,

nutrients that the brain needs to carry out our normal lives. This blood not only delivers oxygen to the

brain but it also removes wastes such as carbon dioxide and cellular waste to be metabolized or removed

by the lungs. When the artery is blocked the brain cells do not receive this oxygen that is needed to

function and the brain cells start to stop working and if blocked for more than a few minutes, brain cells

will die and cause permanent cell and possible brain damage. Symptoms of a stroke depend upon what

area of the brain is affected, patients may present with multiple symptoms that include: Acute changes in

level of consciousness or confusion, acute onset of weakness or paralysis of half or part of the body,

Numbness of one half or part of the body, partial vision loss, double vision, difficulty speaking or

understanding speech, or difficulty with balance and dizziness (Wedro, 2019).


Grand Canyon University-Falkner, A, and Green, S. (2018). Grand Canyon University. Pathophysiology

Clinical Applications for Client Health. Retrieved May 16, 2020,

Sample Solution
Rundown of “Blossoms for Algernon” GuidesorSubmit my paper for investigation blossoms for algernon cover”Flowers for Algernon,” written in 1966 by Daniel Keyes, has properly gotten one of the most notable dream books in world writing. Initially composed as a short story, the tale of Charlie Gordon—the fundamental character of the book—had later been revised as a novel, which helped the writer to completely unveil characters of the primary characters and make the plot total. The epic is written as research center reports, composed by Charlie for his own benefit. Charlie Gordon is an intellectually incapacitated multi year-old cleaner in a pastry shop. His IQ rate is 68, and along these lines, he had a troublesome youth (and as he later understood, as long as he can remember). His mom, who urgently needed him to be as brilliant as ordinary children, normally beat him at whatever point he didn’t live up to her desires, or when he showed any enthusiasm for his more youthful sister. At last, Charlie’s dad, so as to spare him from consistently expanding ambushes, had to remove the kid from home, and left him being taken care of by Mr. Donner—a bread shop proprietor. Laborers in the pastry kitchen giggle at Charlie and menace him due to his low knowledge, yet he didn’t get it, and felt that they were chuckling at him since they like him. He goes to the Beekman College Center for Retarded Adults—his fantasy is to get more astute, which, in his comprehension, intended to have the option to peruse and compose. When he found the opportunity, in light of his uncommon will to consider, his educator Alice prescribes Charlie to experience a test mind medical procedure led by specialist Strauss and teacher Nemur: two exceptional researchers who created an approach to make individuals more intelligent through medical procedure. The activity is fruitful, and in spite of the fact that for the principal couple of days Charlie doesn’t see any distinctions, in certainty he gets more brilliant step by step, at extraordinary rates. He consistently takes an interest in research center tests including Algernon—a shrewd mouse who had experienced a similar medical procedure; though before the activity, Charlie was not ready to try and finish it, as the time goes on, he overcomes Algernon, demonstrating bit by bit expanding results. Charlie’s knowledge continues developing much after it arrived at the degree of a normal person. He recalls a great deal of difficult subtleties from his youth; understands that what he considered an inviting disposition was really tormenting and mortification; finding this, he understands that individuals are not all that shrewd as he accepted they were. Charlie begins to look all starry eyed at Alice, however understands that he can’t be with her. He peruses a great deal, goes to college, and soon discoveres that he is more intelligent than educators, whom he respected and nearly loved. Simultaneously, he faces the inclination that educator Nemur and specialist Strauss don’t perceive his mankind and independence; Charlie sees that they treat him as their creation, declining to concede that the past, intellectually impeded Charlie Gordon was additionally a human person. Nemur and Strauss take Charlie to New York to a meeting for which they intend to present him and Algernon as verification s of their logical hypothesis. Charlie, nonetheless, escapes from the gathering, taking Algernon with him, and covers up in a leased loft. There he meets a young lady, Fay; after a few dates, they engage in sexual relations, and start a relationship. Simultaneously, Charlie proceeds with his examinations, and continues recollecting diverse ghastly occasions from quite a while ago. In any case, at last, he understands that Fay is intruding on him from his exploration, so he chooses to come back to the lab. There he discovers that the aftereffects of the cerebrum medical procedure he had experienced are reversible; besides, the patients debase at awful rates, and end up in a state of mind much more terrible than before the activity. Dreading the relapse, Charlie, be that as it may, acknowledges these realities, and points all his scholarly force (at this point, he is without a doubt the most insightful individual on Earth, with the IQ pace of 185) at examining this impact, which he has called “the impact of Gordon-Algernon,” on the grounds that Algernon has completely endured this impact and kicked the bucket. Charlie covered him close to the lab. Bit by bit the negative changes become increasingly self-evident. Charlie overlooks names and occasions, and understanding the importance of books he delighted in perusing so as of late has now gotten unthinkable for him. Urgent, he begins a relationship with Alice, yet not for long—the corruption of his character makes living with him convoluted, and despite the fact that for quite a while, he stays at the scholarly degree of a normal individual, Alice is at last driven out. Charlie winds up as a totally debased individual. From the start, he comes back to Donner’s bread shop, and afterward chooses to go to a psychological refuge. In his last report, in a P.S. he asked the individuals who were going to peruse it to put blossoms on Algernon’s>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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