Organizational Development, Workforce Planning, and Succession Planning

Scenario 1: Park Post-Acute Care Services has been providing quality nursing home and home health services for 70 years in rural Texas. It is a…

Scenario 1: Park Post-Acute Care Services has been providing quality nursing home and home health services for 70 years in rural Texas. It is a family-owned business that has been passed down through the generations to family members eager to provide service to citizens in the community. About three years ago, the leadership team created a five-year strategic plan in anticipation of some members of the leadership team retiring after fully accomplishing the plan. The remaining members committed to serving as chief executives of larger health care organizations. However, the strategic plan failed to include a succession plan for identifying talented professionals who will be able to lead the organization after the long-standing leadership team of 15 years vacate their positions in two years.

Scenario 2: Whitesville Medical Center has been providing quality patient care in Louisiana for over 100 years. However, during the last five years, the organization has experienced significant turnover in middle management positions in the Housekeeping Department. In fact, the average tenure of a middle manager is only six months, and there is a current vacancy in the day and evening shifts. Because of the unstable management team, no one has been able to hold supervisors accountable for facilitating appropriate orientation of new staff, ongoing training of the seasoned employees, and routine audits of the employees’ performance. Unfortunately, the breakdown in management oversight has led to a lack of employee training in cleaning and sanitizing patient rooms, surgical suites, and public areas including the restrooms and waiting areas. The lack of cleanliness and sanitation has led to an outbreak of nosocomial infections impacting several patients and causing them to remain in the hospital for a longer period of time. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Joint Commission have received anonymous tips about this outbreak and have sent survey teams to conduct unannounced visits at the facility, which could lead to fines until the issue is fully resolved by the medical center.

Sample Solution
A character to a human resembles the way of life to an organization. Having a broken authoritative culture can prompt a decrease underway and deals. The idea of needing to ascend to the top can accomplish more harm than great. By having each worker just stress over themselves and on getting themselves to the top will make so a lot of unrest and superfluous inner challenge that will divert the representatives from arriving at the organization’s objective. The personal circumstance to their very own objectives as opposed to the organization’s will just make a less funcional organization. Envision it is your first day of work and somebody is preparing you and they have this sort of theory in their mind. They are telling you the best way to do everything, except not so much demonstrating you since they couldn’t care less. They couldn’t care less whether you realize how to carry out your responsibility right. They just care about their hard working attitude. Presently envision this equivalent individual preparing another person consistently or consistently. In the end this will get up to speed to the organization and just make them plunge. The organization will fail having gone through quite a lot of cash enlisting and preparing new workers for them to not realize who to carry out their responsibility right. How are shoppers going to believe the organization on the off chance that they don’t believe the representatives working and making their items for them? Likewise, on events there is a negative reaction to rivalry. A few workers may feel like they are being constrained too vigorously and will think themselves not qualified for the organization, at that point the organization loses a reliable representative. Organizations could build up a culture that supports untrustworthy and unethical focused conduct. Customary kickback and the downfall of the association could be the aftereffect of unscrupulous aggressive strategies. Tit for tat makes the entire world visually impaired. Since individuals attempt to ascend to the top and just spotlight on themselves they dismiss the objectives of the organization and just spotlight on their needs and needs. This is one of the most noticeably awful things that can happen to any organization. Nobody needs to work for one where every worker just pays special mind to themselves. How is any organization expected to develop if nobody is out there watering the plants. Nobody needs to burn through a moment of their opportunity to go pay special mind to the plants and ensure they are getting the correct assets for endurance. At the point when every one of the a chief needs is representatives rehearsing and consolidating the organization’s qualities into their work routine. Con: Misalignment While having a culture could be an incredible thing, it can likewise be a terrible thing. Any sort of culture is a twofold edged sword where the way of life can either be a positive power to the workers or a negative one. At the point when it is certain, both these understood and furthermore unequivocal messages can drive an organization to its objective; in any case, when it is an adverse one, the way of life can disintegrate its kin and the business that accompanies it. It doesn’t make a difference how renowned the expressions of the statement of purpose sound or appear, it will never move the workers and staff if the authoritative culture doesn’t bolster it. Actually for me, before any bi>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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