Strategic sourcing is important in business today. Outsourcing is an important way to re-duce cost while improving the strategic focus of a firm. Many companies…

Strategic sourcing is important in business today. Outsourcing is an important way to re-duce cost while improving the strategic focus of a firm. Many companies have enjoyed significant success because of the unique ways in which they work with their suppliers. Companies that face diverse sourcing, production, and distribution decisions need to weigh the costs associated with materials, transportation, production, warehousing, and distribution to develop a comprehensive network designed to minimize costs and preserve the environments.

write a 3 page minimum essay (minimum does not include cover page or reference page) about the following:

Select one retail organization that utilizes outsourcing (other than Wal-Mart!)

Investigate and discuss how the company uses outsourcing in their inventory system.Discuss the positives and negatives of outsourcing in the inventory supply chain system for the company you selected. (Must use academic research to support your argument!)Identify any steps the company could make to improve upon their inventory supply chain? Explain in detail.

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