. Sheet 1Create a party budget for an upcoming graduation party. List 12 items to purchase. Plan for 50 people to attend.Set up a worksheet…

. Sheet 1Create a party budget for an upcoming graduation party. List 12 items to purchase. Plan for 50 people to attend.Set up a worksheet to add up the expenses, using formulas. DO NOT SUBMIT NUMERIC answers that you computed on a calculator. You must use formulas and functions. Add a column for tax at a rate of 4.5%. Compute the pretax purchase amount and then compute tax, adding it to the item total cost. Finally, total the cost per item, including tax, then compute the total cost of the party.If five people are splitting the cost of the party, how much will each contribute? Note this on the spreadsheet.Name Sheet 1 Party. Format the sheet so it is professional looking and easy to read.

Sheet 2Create a grade book using the following information.

Sample Solution
react to the processes they have been taught. Is a good formative way to measure how beneficial the lesson was? Did the student find it useful? Learn: Then what did the student actually learned from the lesson. Then by using formative assessment as a way to measure how successful the lesson was or a Q&A can provide a quick efficient way to see if the student has found the lesson insightful or learned a new skill. Behavior: This is then is to see if the students have actually used those new skills they have gained and see if they take them into consideration when creating future art. A good way to recognize this is through 1:1 tutorials where the student’s sketchbooks and portfolio is reviewed and discussed. 1:1 tutorials underline Petty’s statement “When one is learning, one may want to ask questions at any stage during the learning process. It is important to realise that some students are too shy to ask questions in front of their classmates; the teacher needs to give such students the opportunity to ask questions in a one-to-one situation. This opportunity is often best provided during the ‘use’ phase of the learning process, where the teacher usually moves amongst the students, checking and answering individual queries” Result: Lastly, what did this newly found skill/way of thinking result in, i.e. has creative output improved, has the student been able to express themselves more freely? When producing good work and seeing good results the students ‭may become more motivated to draw and be creative. In conclusion being experimental with tools and tecniques can allow for better learning outcomes, a more confident student who is finding or has found their creative language and more exciting work. ‬‬‬>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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