Patagonia – A designer of outdoor clothing and gear.

Watch this YouTube Video and then do an Internet search for information to answer the following questions: How does the mission of Patagonia differ from…

Watch this YouTube Video and then do an Internet search for information to answer the following questions: How does the mission of Patagonia differ from most other companies?

2: Patagonia has often been selected as one of the country’s best places to work. What Patagonia HR practices and employee benefits do you think help Patagonia earn this honor?

3: What characteristics would you use to describe a candidate likely to be hired by Patagonia? How do these characteristics reflect and support Patagonia’s strategy?

Sample Solution
My preferred motion picture to survey was The Soloist which recounts to the genuine story of Nathaniel Ayers who is a skilled vagrant that has schizophrenia and his fellowship with a L.A. Times journalist Steve Lopes that handbag him to compose an anecdote about him. Ayes is a skilled performer who went to Julliard yet needed to drop out because of his psychological state. The relationship that creates among Lopez and Ayes shows the numerous essences of the confusion of psychological maladjustment identified with neurotic schizophrenia. I will examine Nathaniel Ayes’ side effects and give instances of specific circumstances where the manifestations of schizophrenia where shown. Nathaniel Ayes was destitute and lived in the city in Los Angeles, California and plays his two string violin. Lopez is in the square of the Times working by the statue of Beethoven and become interested with the wonderful sound of music being played. He understands that this music was originating from a man who looked destitute, wearing messy garments that didn’t coordinate, however he was playing excellent music on a violin with two strings. As he addressed Nathaniel, Nathaniel discussed Beethoven music with an extraordinary deference and love as he played it. He appears to be fixated on the melodic virtuoso of Beethoven as he himself indicated an incredible endowment of being a melodic virtuoso as he made light of a messed up two string violin instruments in his ownership. Ayes is exceptionally kind, and respectful however it is apparent that he had some psychological issues. Ayes had exceptionally flighty discourse, rehashing Lopez name and number that Lopez says, just as illuminates it, he apologize for his poor appearance and shows that he has had a few difficulties throughout his life and drapes his head in disgrace. Lopez accepts that Ayes would be a decent theme for a paper articles. Starting here they build up a compatibility and Lopez attempts to get Ayes off of the road. He took Nathaniel to the music store and was in amazement with the reaction to the Ayes gave being around those instruments. Lopez took him back for a second excursion to the music store and buy some new instruments for him to play just as a music exercise book for Nathaniel. Ayes conveyed those instruments (violin, cello, and trombone) around on this shopping basket that held the entirety of his has a place and he wouldn’t let out of his sight. Ayes all through the motion pictures showed indications of Axis 1 schizophrenia. A significant number of the indication incorporate sound-related, mind flights, logia, and dreams of control, hallucinations, of abuse, fancy of thought broadcasting, disarranged discourse, terribly muddled conduct (DSM Criteria), social withdrawal, avolition, full of feeling leveling, and upheaval which I will discuss later. He likewise give indication of schizophrenia with his roughly decorated outfits, that makes him look abnormal or apathetic and his fixation on his wagon that holds his instruments. Nathaniel would showed unbalanced facial motions and there is no eyes to eye to eye connection. He talked a ton about himself wildly and just as his conviction about God, while and thundering and murmuring to and fro not seeming well and good. The inceptions of Nathaniel’s indications began to show itself at an early age with his fixation on the music of Beethoven’s music. At a period where most youthful youngsters interface with kids his very own age, Nathaniel favored being separated from everyone else pulling back from his loved ones while withdrawing to his storm cellar to be distant from everyone else to play his instruments and Beethoven’s music. Nathaniel’s mother would offer him praises and acclaim about his ability however Nathaniel would simply giggle. He started to have mind flights that expanded initially start saw when he sees a blazing vehicle going down the road outside his window. He hushes up about these occurrence instead of telling anybody. His dream increments when he feels his sister is attempting to harm him and he drives her to get the nourishment she has brought him since she was worried about her younger sibling being down the stairs in the storm cellar fixated on his music and not eating. He still didn’t get any assistance so when Nathaniel goes on to the renown school of music Julliard, he is looked with the weight and performing and starts to fantasizes, sees blazing lights and hears voices in his mind. This prompts him taking a break from Julliard and in the long run dropping out of school. Ayes before long lost everything and got destitute. He would not take medicine and accept that he was wiped out which just builds the psychological issue. Ayes whimsical schizophrenia side effects of endure as he felt that since Lopez was letting him know everything to do and help him that Lopez was his god. Nathaniel will not tune in to Lopez when he disclose to him that he isn’t right in his reasoning. He likewise becomes shock with his music educator when his instructor interrogates him on his remark regarding his god and lets him know, “I know who my god is” and become insulted. He discloses to Lopez that he know who his god is and Nathaniel state to him, “I love God. I love you” and Lopez attempts to squash this idea however Ayes is industrious in his conviction. He additionally reveals to him that his music is a string to tie the entirety of his audience members together in the road and this is the reason has didn’t live inside, he would not like to lose his interconnectedness which appear to be so key to his life. Some of Lopez first experiences with Ayes when he saw him stop traffic to tidy the road by getting one cigarette bud, Lopez went through the night in his corner under the passage. Ayes begins to recount the Bible saying “Lead us not into enticement. For thine is realm, the power and the magnificence everlastingly, and ever….I trust you rest soundly, Mr. Lopez. I trust the entire world rests well”. This show Nathaniel sentiment of otherworldly interconnectedness that is major in his life and give his life some significance.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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