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To My Darling Mother,

The greatest gift and the biggest advantage I had while growing up was you, mother. I love you and always will. It was the greatest privilege that God gave me in my life. Every moment I pray, I thank him for your presence. I am proud to be a responsible person today as a result of the values and confidence you instilled in me. Growing up in your midst was a privilege like no other and you shaped me into a person many desire to become. I am proud of you mum. As I grew up, you made me believe in anything I wanted to become, and you were always eager to give a helping hand towards this cause.

I promise to live to the commands of respecting God, a virtue you taught me as I grew up. You were my first teacher who taught me that appreciating the world was part of success. I am always ready to take a challenge in life reflecting that you are near to give me the needed advice. I promise to be there for you in all circumstance you go through because you taught me so. If there is any precious gift in the world today apart from God, then it is you. If there is anything else to dispute this claim, please show me. Please show me the untiring mother who still seeks to know the condition of her child. The mom who went for days without food to ensure her child received effective education and affordable healthcare. There is no other mom in the world like you.

In your dark moments, I will be beside you, for you never gave up on me in my childhood turmoil. Was it not you that had hope for me when I had lost hope of ever getting well again? Yes, it was you who encouraged me not to give up on life. Despite the failing health condition, you never took rest to console yourself but you went to the extremes for me. I love you mum and I thank you for a million things. I pray the good Lord to grant me the strength to reciprocate all the good things you did for me. Words can never express the gratitude and care I have deep within me towards you. You are one in a million, a shining star in my midst. God bless you mum.


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