Plan for Leading an Adaptive Change in a Local Human…

Plan for Leading an Adaptive Change in a Local Human Services SystemOne of the duties of a leader is to plan to meet the ongoing…

Plan for Leading an Adaptive Change in a Local Human Services SystemOne of the duties of a leader is to plan to meet the ongoing changes in the context of practice. Some of these changes are driven by changes in policy, funding, economics, demographics, or culture. Each of these drivers acts as a unique trigger that requires the leader to reassess current policy, procedure, and practices to plan to meet these upcoming needs. The purpose of this course project is to demonstrate how you would apply the theories and strategies of leadership and organizational change for a local human services system to adapt to remain relevant in a changing context of practice.Assignment InstructionsThis is the culminating course project. You will be using the same local human services system you used in the Unit 7 assignment.In a 10–20-page paper:Discuss a specific forecasted change, how it is relevant to the chosen human services system, and the types of adaptive change that would be needed in preparing for this forecasted change.Discuss the culture of the chosen human services system in relation to change, along with cross-cultural issues in meeting the changing needs of the community.To complete this assignment well, incorporate key elements from your previous assignments and some supporting discussion content, as well as feedback from your instructor, into a cohesive leadership plan for adaptive change in a local human services system.Support your paper with a minimum of 15 reputable sources, of which at least 10 are scholarly and peer-reviewed sources and at least five are from government and professional literature.Submission RequirementsTo complete this assignment successfully, your paper will need to meet the following specifications:Communication: Use professional academic writing and apply current APA format and style appropriately.Resources: Support your work with a minimum of 15 scholarly sources. Include the required readings as well as additional reputable sources.Length of paper: 15–20 typed, double-spaced pages.Font and size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Here’s how the instructor wants it outlined :

Unit 9 Assignment


State the name of the community need you are designing a program to address

How did you identify this needWhat metrics support your identification of this as a need in this communityPresent findings from 2-3 research articles that talk about the need you identified and how it is best served.Program Design (You can use the name of your program)

Methodological approach to Program Design (o r.. Methodological approach to designing x )(evidence-based practice, emerging practice, empirically guided practice, best practice, or research-based practice, as described on pages 82–86 of your Program Development in the 21st Century textbook)Goals and objectivesIt is good to present your mission statement and then align your goals and objectives to your mission.(Be sure that you look at how a goal should be stated, and how an objective should be stated)Plan of Action (aligned to goals and objectives)Program Model Examples (review research articles with best practices related to your program)Program Evaluation (explain why your program will meet the specific needs you are addressing – justify your rationale by finding justification in the research and referencing it in this section)Conclusion


Sample Solution
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