Description Create a 9-slide PowerPoint presentation that interprets four of the graphs from the report you created in the last two assessments. You have the…


Create a 9-slide PowerPoint presentation that interprets four of the graphs from the report you created in the last two assessments. You have the option of recording a voice-over of up to 10 minutes or including a detailed presenter’s notes in the PowerPoint slide deck to explain the points in each slide.The ability to translate analytic results into clear, concise business language and actionable results are vital for managers and analysts. Managers are often required to present the results of their team’s analysis to executives and must be able to explain the results at a high level as well as understand enough about the details to answer any questions the executives might pose.How much analysis is valued can depend heavily on how well the results of that analysis are articulated. Communicating the results of your data analysis so the applications to your business are clear and explicit can greatly enhance the value of your analytic work. In this assessment, consider how you can best communicate the results that you wrote about in your previous assessment. Review any feedback you received on your first assessment and use it to enhance this assessment.ScenarioYou are a senior analyst in a business. You may choose any publicly-traded company of interest that has practical meaning for you. Your immediate supervisor read your last analytics report on the company’s historical stock performance and was so impressed with your work that she has asked you to present the key points from that report at a company-wide meeting.Your RoleYou have been allotted no more than 10 minutes to present the highlights of your analytics report to an audience from all levels of the company and explain how the results of your analysis apply to the business using four charts or tables from your report.InstructionsCreate a 9-slide PowerPoint presentation with a detailed presenter’s notes or recorded voice-over in which you present and interpret four graphs from the report you created in the last two assessments. Format your presentation as follows:1 title slide.1 introduction slide explaining the business context.4 graphics slides one for each of the four charts in your report and your interpretation of each chart.2 conclusion slides explaining how the data analysis results can be applied in the chosen business context.1 slide with APA-formatted references.Additional RequirementsUse short but complete sentences that are clear, comprehensible, and free of jargon for each bullet point.Include no more than 3 bullet points per slide if possible.Include APA-formatted in-text citations where appropriateEnsure your presentation is relevant to and easily understood by everyone in the audience. Remember, you will be speaking to people of all levels in the company.If you include a voice-over in lieu of the presenter’s notes, your recording should be no longer than 12 minutes.Your written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.Include an APA-formatted references slide at the end of the presentation.EvaluationBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies through corresponding scoring guide criteria:Competency 1: Explain how data management techniques and tools are used to support business decisions.Introduce the business context.Explain how the results of your analysis are applicable to the business context.Competency 4: Present the results of data analysis in clear and meaningful ways to multiple stakeholders.Interpret or explain the meaning of the two different graphical representations of data.Format citations and references correctly using the current APA style.Present content clearly, professionally, and logically for the identified audience.

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