1) Choose a specific operations system and brand within a specific industry2) Describe all the main processes and activities of this operations system. Identify the…

1) Choose a specific operations system and brand within a specific industry2) Describe all the main processes and activities of this operations system. Identify the nature of these processes and draw a flowchart of these processes indicating all the main activities, processes and resources involved3) Describe the lay-out or the physical space distribution of all these processes, tasks and inputs within the operations system and identify which typology of lay-out it is as well as its weaknesses4) Calculate different ratios of productivity of this operations system that measure the efficiency of this system and identify the main drivers or factors that determine the performance of this system5) Identify the different elements within this system that influences the quality of this system6) Propose different measures and actions to take to enhance the productivity and the quality of this system. Justify your answer

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ercutio’s relationship with Romeo is that he’s the nearest ally to Romeo, yet from that point onward, Mercutio additionally fills in as a shocking defeat for Romeo. Romeo’s associations with Mercutio involved an obligation of family relationship, as they draped together as accomplices and frequently put their vitality in visiting their thoughts, particularly women, from their inclinations. Notwithstanding the way that Mercutio was Romeo’s precise inverse, not lacking for making a plunge worship with women, yet rather a sexual interface, he would make brutal, sexual comments about Romeo’s fantasy with Juliet at any rate, Romeo appeared to exist together with Mercutio’s jokes, since he wouldn’t fuss his diverting side, isolating the unfriendly pieces of his accounts from the back. This match shows us precisely how solid colleagues Romeo and Mercutio are. It additionally gives us that Romeo perceived the profane and basic character of Mercutio, paying little heed to whether it was against his own. [Occupational Groups] Although there are some word related gatherings, specific from that time, appeared in the play none of the principle characters spoke to involve a vocation since the two families are honorable. Their dads claim land from which they get a significant salary, so even their dads don’t have employments, yet carry on with the serene existence of an honorable noble man. As a lady, Juliet would have been denied work back then. In the event that she had hitched County Paris, notwithstanding, she would have hitched a man whose respectable position is a lot higher than that of her dad and would have become a Countess. It was likewise expected that she would acquire the home of her dad. [Social Ranks] During the Renaissance, there were various social classes and they decided an individual’s way of life. The privileged and the average workers were the two principle classes. The privileged of the ruler, the aristocrat and the upper class. The regular workers was comprised of dealers, yeomanry and laborers. With their hands, the common laborers needed to work. The Monarch was the five star. The following class was a class of nobles. Aristocrats were conceived legitimately into this class. Honorable families were rich and ground-breaking, and during the Renaissance there were just a couple of respectable families as the ones of Romeo; the Montague family, and Juliet’s; the Capulet. This was the class serving in office. The second rate class was a class of Gentry. During the period, individuals in this class were the primary>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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