You are tasked to analyze the use of information technology resources and assess the applicability to United General Hospital and the video scenario presented in…

You are tasked to analyze the use of information technology resources and assess the applicability to United General Hospital and the video scenario presented in this week’s Discussion. Your response to this assessment will be to write policy statements that address specific issues related to patient health care records and align with HIPAA regulations. Assess threats related to issues presented in the case study that United General Hospital must address.

Part I: Policy Manual Introduction (1 page)

United General’s hospital administrator reviews the hospital’s policy manual and discovers that it inadequately addresses the area of patient records. The hospital administrator tasks you with reviewing the hospital policy manual and reporting on the thoroughness of its coverage of patient records. After a review of the policy manual, you report that the coverage of patient records is sparse and outdated. The hospital administrator then asks you to update the policy manual.

The policy manual introduction should include:

An update to the manual’s introduction to include more depth in the area of patient records. As you write this section, describe the purpose of patient record protection and its importance to the organization.An explanation of the legal requirements for protecting patient health records.

Part II: Risk Assessment (3 pages)

Because Pete compromised Winnie’s patient records, the hospital administrator tasks you with identifying other potential risks that the hospital and the primary care physicians may need to address to protect patient records.

Your risk assessment should:

Identify risks to both electronic and paper patient records, and recommend remedies United General can put in place to protect the records from compromise.Create policy statements that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulations addressing access to and disclosure of electronic and paper patient records.Describe relevant training topics that will educate the staff on accessing and disclosing patient records.

Part III: Alignment with Regulatory Requirements (3 pages)

Winnie’s lawsuit refers to United General’s violation of patient record protection and privacy regulations as the prime cause of the problem. This has now opened United General to governmental inquiries as well as to federal lawsuits.

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