First half: Psychedelia, is that rock musicians began expanding their use of new instruments, some familiar, some exotic. Do a bit of research on a…

First half:

Psychedelia, is that rock musicians began expanding their use of new instruments, some familiar, some exotic. Do a bit of research on a tune you like from this era, and choose an out-of-the-ordinary instrument that it features. In your main post, list the instrument with a general description, identify the song, and then describe how it is used in the song

Second half: please watch

1.What is the significance of being a Latinx (Latino/Latina) immigrant that produces unique experiences of growing up gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender in the United States?

Other half isCritical thinking there no research needed:2.What are one or two major challenges faced by international development organizations in addressing concerns of sexual minorities in developing countries?

Sample Solution
Brad has a basis for legal action against Syntac because of product liability. Product liability is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries those products cause. Although Syntac did notify retailers that would replace any broken stick with evidence of bubbling, the company did not make any attempt to notify customers. The company has had experienced many problems with bubbling of the resin that is used to make the sticks which made them weaker and easier to break, yet they continued selling them. Syntac has not taken any steps to avoid the bubbling of the hockey sticks and continue pushing their product to retailers. If the company is not even going to attempt to solve the problem, they should at least have a system set in place which does not allow any stick that can be potentially affected with bubbling going to market. They haven’t even made an attempt to warn any customers about the dangers and the quality of the hockey sticks. In this situation, Brad has a base for legal action because Syntac’s hockey sticks do not come with the proper warnings of the manufacturing defects that make it hazardous, which led to his injuries. Brad can sue Syntac and claim compensation for his medical bills and other expenses. Erica Brad does not have a strong basis for legal action against Erica as when you engage in a physical sport such as hockey, injuries are bound to happen. When athletes play violent sports such as hockey, they consent to a certain level of violence. As long as players stay within the reasonable and expected levels of violence in the sport, it is rare they will ever be criminally charged. Hooking is a very common penalty in the sport of hockey and Is considered a minor, although Erica hooked Brad which caused him to fall and get severely injured, she was well in the acceptable range for what can be expected in the sport of hockey. As long as she does not do anything absurd, she cannot be criminally charged for assault or battery. Criminal charges resulting from on-ice behaviour are rare. Although there may be some occasions where a hockey player has gotten charged, it is usually for an illegal hit. For example, in the case of Tom Bertuzzi, a former NHL player, who sucker punched his opponent in the head from behind. This hit was deemed to not be in the acceptable range for what can be expected, and he was convicted with criminal assault causing bodily harm. This case differs from Erica’s as what she did would just be considered a minor penalty in the sport for hooking, which is a very common penalty. There may have been no consent given verbally to each other, but they can still physically touch each other, as there is implied consent that they are playing hockey and it can be violent. Erica’s past encounters with these penalties h>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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