For this assignment you will make a page that has the following on screenThe 5 food options on campus (Gerald, C-Store, Bernies, Eat, and Lola’s)You…

For this assignment you will make a page that has the following on screenThe 5 food options on campus (Gerald, C-Store, Bernies, Eat, and Lola’s)You can represent these however you like on the screen (a vertical list, 4 images in a quadrant, etc)Which an item is clicked, you should popup and displayHours OpenA descriptionType of FoodLocation

Sample Solution

Brief: Please Tell Us About Yourself and How You Will Help the University Carry out Its Mission GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination Having been conceived in a totally extraordinary condition contrasted with where I am currently, I have gotten acquainted with finding out about new societies, becoming more acquainted with new customs, and being available to new encounters. I was conceived in Manila, the Philippines. Manila is the place I was raised, where I went to class, and made companions. In any case, there were numerous spots I needed to investigate; there were additionally numerous subjects I needed to dive into and discover that in the end carried me to the United States to contemplate. I proceeded to proceed with my instruction at Knox School in New York, where I have been reading for as far back as four years. One extraordinary exercise I learned at Knox School that was not educated to me in class is that I can do significantly more than I set out to accept, and that on the off chance that there is an objective I need to accomplish, at that point I ought to at any rate give it my best attempt. This fantasy is to turn into a planner. Despite the fact that I don’t have proficient preparing in engineering, I entered numerous rivalries so as to test my expertise. In 2008, I was a finalist in the Cincinnati Youth Architecture Challenge. Being a finalist in a statewide rivalry gave me support. The next year, I won the Cincinnati Public School Annual Architecture Show, where I planned another legislative structure for downtown Cincinnati. I have longed for turning into a draftsman since I was a kid be that as it may, dissimilar to the majority of the youth dreams we have, this one didn’t leave as I became more seasoned. I despite everything can’t envision myself being content in some other calling. To me, being a designer isn’t just about structuring new structures to occupy space. It is tied in with structuring a superior, increasingly agreeable, excellent, and superb life for individuals who will live, work, or simply pass by to observe its aesthetic development. To cause my greatest dream to occur, I can locate no preferable spot over Cornell University to procure this calling. Cornell University has what a head college ought to have. It has its extraordinary history; it has a remarkable grounds and moving project openings; it has fantastic staff; it has guiding principle that I appreciate and share; and obviously, it is a special mixture of societies, conventions, and ethnicities of which I excitedly envision turning into a piece of. Cornell University for me is no not exactly a fantasy school to gain the abilities and information I need, and to ace my fantasy calling of turning into a draftsman. Other than being an ideal spot to examine and learn, I consider Cornell To be as a haven to invest my relaxation energy away from classes. Being the receptive, agreeable, and flexible individual that I am, with a great deal of various interests I despite everything need to figure out how to do capability, I trust Cornell University is simply the best spot to investigate, improve my aptitudes, increase new ones, and appreciate the experience of American understudy life without limit. The moment I ventured onto the grounds of Cornell University grounds, it felt like home—an inclination that I don’t get constantly while I am away from my country. I feel great strolling through the lobbies of the grounds structures. I feel this is the place I have a place and where I need to go through the following four years of my life.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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