Rebekah Nathan was using which method?

Dr. Jahan is a school psychologist, who is observing children’s interactions within a classroom by looking through a two-way mirror. By using this method to…

Dr. Jahan is a school psychologist, who is observing children’s interactions within a classroom by looking through a two-way mirror. By using this method to observe, Dr. Jahan will not interfere or influence the children’s behavior. Dr. Jahan is using

a. naturalistic.

b. participant.

c. structured.

d. unstructured.

For his class project, Colby wants to know how many times people get out of their seats and leave the theatre during a movie. So, he goes to several movies and counts the number of times that people leave the theatre during a movie. Colby is using

a. archival data.

b. participant observation.

c. a diary study.

d. naturalistic observation.

In __, researchers observe while actually being a part of a group’s ongoing activities.

a. participant observation

b. case studies

c. naturalistic observation

d. self-reports

__ observation is most helpful when we know little about a group or the group’s activities are not public.

a. Archival

b. Participant

c. Naturalistic

d. Diary

Anthropology professor Rebekah Nathan took a leave of absence to attend college and live in a residence hall in order to observe and describe today’s college culture. Rebekah Nathan was using which method?

a. archival data collection

b. participant observation

c. naturalistic observation

d. structured observation

The book My Freshman Year written by anthropology professor Rebekah Nathan provided an in-depth, day-to-day, description of today’s college culture that was obtained by Rebekah as she pretended to be a college freshmen, attending classes and living in a residence hall. This book would be considered a(n)

a. archival data collection.

b. case study.

c. ethnography.

d. cross-sectional study.

Dr. Morgan is an education professor, who takes a leave of absence and gets a job as a teaching assistant in an urban elementary school, using a resume that lists her name as “Jan Able,” who has had only two years of college. During the next six months, Dr. Morgan observes the inner workings of this urban elementary school. She then takes a similar job in a rural elementary school to observe the students and staff there. She wrote a book that detailed her findings regarding both groups. The method Dr. Morgan used would be considered a(n)_, while the book she wrote would be a(n).

a. naturalistic observation; archival data collection

b. structured observation; case study

c. participant observation; ethnography

d. experimental observation; self-report

In order to learn about the “inside techniques” employed by various businesses to market and sell their products, a social psychology professor becomes a car salesman, a junior marketing executive with a computer company, and assistant manager at a discount department store. This professor is engaging in

a. experimental observation.

b. participant observation.

c. naturalistic observation.

d. structured observation.

_ is a useful approach when researchers need more control over the situation or want to record behavior that is unlikely to occur spontaneously.

a. Experimental observation

b. Participant observation

c. Archival data collection

d. Structured observation

Arranging for children to work together on a school project in order to observe how a leader emerges within the group is an example of a(n) _ observation.

a. experimental

b. participant observation

c. archival

d. structured
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