Description Using your study Bible, your textbook, the PowerPoint presentations, and your class notes, answer thoroughly the questions in the following prompt. We have observed…


Using your study Bible, your textbook, the PowerPoint presentations, and your class notes, answer thoroughly the questions in the following prompt.

We have observed that the prophet Jeremiah is the most “Deuteronomistic” of the prophets. He insists on covenant loyalty and proclaims the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians as God’s just punishment for violating the commandments. However, the destruction of the Temple, the loss of the land, and the disappearance of the Davidic monarchy pose difficult problems for the prophets of the Exile and for other post-exilic writings.

Describe, in as many ways as you can, the impact of the destruction of Temple in Jerusalem, the end of the Davidic dynasty, the loss of The Land, and the Exile in Babylon on the theology and literature of ancient Israel. Specifically, in what ways do the various post-exilic writings constitute a re-thinking of Deuteronomic Theology? How does the theological perspective of the exilic and post-exilic books respond to the events surrounding the Exile? How do these works compare with Deuteronomic Theology as expressed in the book of Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomistic History? Which theological ideas are preserved in the exilic/post-exilic literature? Which ideas are criticized? What new ideas emerge?

Sample Solution
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List of chapters ‘BIM’ (Building Information Modeling) … … 1 Revelation … … … .. 2 Authentication … … … .. 3 AKNOWLEDGEMENT … … … 4 Dynamic … … … . 5 Organization PROFILE … … … .. 6 Shortened form … … … 9 1 CHAPTER – Research Proposal … … 10 1.1 Problem Statement: … … 10 1.2 Need of Study: … … … .. 10 1.3 Building Information Modeling (BIM) … … .. 11 1.4 Objectives … … … 12 1.5 Scope of the Study: … … 12 2 CHAPTER – Literature Survey… … … .. 12 2.1 Introduction to BIM … … .. 12 2.2 Function of BIM … … .. 13 2.3 Level of Details in BIM … … .. 13 2.4 Design and arranging … … .. 14 2.5 Quantity estimation … … 14 2.6 Clash recognition … … … . 14 2.7 Productivity … … … 15 2.8 Prefabrication … … … 15 2.9 Quality administration … … . 15 2.10 Facility Management … … . 15 2.11 Drawings and Coordination … … .. 16 2.12 Drawings and Coordination … … .. 16 2.13 Drawings and Coordination … … .. 16 2.14 Benefits of BIM … … … 17 3 CHAPTER – Methodology to Develop BIM … … .. 18 3.1 To Understand BIM Strategy and Services … … .. 18 3.2 Architectural BIM Services … … 18 8 3.3 Structural Modeling … … . 18 3.4 MEPF Services Modeling … … . 19 3.5 Project Background … … 20 3.6 Personal Work Place Activity … … .. 21 3.7 BIM Project Work Flow Pattern … … . 21 3.8 Architecture Modeling … … 22 3.9 MEPF Modeling … … . 22 4 CHAPTER – DESIGN ENGINEERING CANVAS … .. 28 4.1 AEIOU CANVAS … … .. 28 4.2 EMPATHY MAPPING CANVAS … … 30 4.3 IDEATION CANVAS … … . 32 4.4 PRODUCT DEVELOPEMENT CANVAS … … .. 35 5 CHAPTER ‘ Summary … … . 38 6 CHAPTER ‘ Reference … … . 40 Rundown of Figure 1 Accelerator Building Project Image””””””””‘… 20 2 Accelerator Building Project Image””””””””‘… 20 3 Image from Revit Drainage Model””””””””‘… .23 4 Image from Revit Electrical and LV Model”””””””‘.24 5 Image from Revit HVAC Model”””””””””’25 6 Image from Revit Water Model”””””””””‘.26 7 Image from Revit Coordination Model””””””””..27 Rundown of Table 1 Work stream Pattern””””””””””””..21 9 Contraction AEC Architecture/Engineering/Construction BIM Building Information Modeling AS Architecture, Structure MEPF Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Fighting LV Low Current Central air Heating, ventilation, and cooling Computer aided design Computer-helped drafting FM Facility Management LOD Level of Detail return for money invested Return on Investment RIF Request for Information VDC Virtual Design and Construction 2D Two Dimensional 3D Three Dimensional 4D Fourth Dimension (3D+Time) 5D Fifth Dimension (4D+Cost) 10 1 CHAPTER – Research Proposal 1.1 Problem Statement: Undertaking Management is the general arranging, coordination and control of a development Project from origin to culmination, including multi-disciplinary partners from engineers to amount surveyors to contractual workers. Presently days in development ventures various experts are working from various locale or nation so it is hard for venture administrator to arrange among all partners. Each venture faces numerous difficulties during various stage, which influences the wellbeing of undertaking as far as cost, time and quality because of poor coordination framework among various partners. Thusly, three-dimensional (3D) PC supported drafting (CAD) models that are not communicated as articles that show structure, capacity, and conduct (Tolman 1999) can’t be viewed as building data models. Because of certain difficulties like ignorance of BIM and its focal points, absence of IT aptitudes and absence of>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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