research a range of options/methods

Task In this assessment, you are required to read Assessment 4 (Research Network Design) and research a range of options/methods that can be used for…


In this assessment, you are required to read Assessment 4
(Research Network Design) and research a range of options/methods that
can be used for network designing in Assessment 4. Based on your
research you are required to post your views on pros and cons of each
available option for the completion of Assessment 4 and select an option
that you will use to complete that assessment.

In your post you must also justify the reasons behind your selection. Your post will be marked on:

Expressing your professional viewpoint on the topic.Justifying your viewpoint with valid and credible evidence.

You are also required to provide constructive comments on at least one other student’s post. The final marks for this assessment will be provided along with Assessment 4.


The forum task has been created to encourage a constructive learning environment.

When commenting on each other’s forum posts, please make sure you are
being relevant, constructive and polite. Your comments on each other’s
posts should stay relevant to the topic and must not be judging the
other person’s ability and grasp of the subject matter. Please also
refer to the marking criteria regarding comments as it may assist
everyone to stay focused when commenting on each other’s posts.

Please also note that this assessment is asking for your
reflections/thoughts and understanding of the topic. Therefore refrain
from directly copying and pasting from other sources. I encourage wider
reading to increase your knowledge base however proper referencing
guidelines MUST be followed (please refer to the APA referencing guide
in student resources) otherwise your work can be reported for

We have a very diverse learning group with students from different
parts of the world, and it is important to respect that with such a
diverse group, everyone’s ability to express themselves in written
language can vary. Therefore it is important to respect diversity and
opinions different from yours, no matter where they come from. Let us
all also be mindful that written communication can be easily
misinterpreted, therefore please be careful and avoid using strong words
so we don’t cause confusion and/or anxiety for our peers.

Assessment item 4 – Network Design


This is a practical assessment and will enhance and test your practical skills related to the subject topic.

Students are required to set up a network consisting of PCs, routers,
switches and servers. You will need to configure routing between
routers, use any dynamic routing protocol. The PCs (clients) will be
connected to switches and switches to the router’s interfaces. Clients
and Servers are connected on different networks (don’t attach clients
and servers on same network).
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