For this assignment, you will write a 2-3 page proposal that outlines your goals for Major Project, why your argument matters (and for whom), and…

For this assignment, you will write a 2-3 page proposal that outlines your goals for Major Project, why your argument matters (and for whom), and how you plan to accomplish the task. This is a moment for you to pause and reflect on exactly what you are planning so that you can identify areas that may need more work or things you want to explore from a different perspective.

Your proposal should:

Articulate a tentative claim for your Major Project (remember—because this process is inquiry-based, you may find that your claim changes as you think about and research your topic)Explicitly address the stakes of the claimIdentify the possible counterarguments and assumptions of your claim, and point to how you might address themGive a very brief overview of the sources you plan to work with (this may just be an overview of the kinds of sources you will work with, such as other critical readings of your text or contemporary theories of intersectionality)Contain a tentative, very general outline—what shape do you imagine the paper taking? What structure would work well, given the parts of your complex claim?

Sample Solution

Growing up I accepted that I would live in a similar house and a similar neighborhood until I headed out to school. School it appeared, resembled inception into this present reality and I was glad to hold up until it was my time. “Home of the saints.” When crashing into Pueblo, Colorado this is the expression that individuals see gladly shown characterizing the town that I experienced childhood in, the town I figured out how to call home, and the town that three years back, on June thirteenth, I left. A half year sooner my folks inquired as to whether we needed to move to the Gulf Coast and however I was not exactly amped up for the thought, I would not like to be the main explanation we remained. My companions were here and the soccer group that I had endeavored to be skipper of was here, this was the place I should carry on with my life. For what reason would we move? At the point when we landed in our new city I attempted to make it work. It appeared that my family had no issue fitting in, yet I floundered. I am not a bashful individual, I love meeting new individuals yet it appeared that my new home wasn’t care for home by any stretch of the imagination. Consistently I made a cursory effort: gatherings, school, practice, schoolwork. I realized that something needed to change. My battle was that I didn’t accept this was my home. I didn’t feel like this was the place I should spend my secondary school years. I accepted that the town you experienced childhood in was the place you should remain, until school. I accepted school was the venturing stone from youth to adulthood. My conviction of how I should grow up was totally re-imagined. I realized that I couldn’t proceed not far off that I was as of now on. My answer was to devote myself completely to all that I could consider. I joined the Cross-Country group, the Debate group, and each extracurricular in JROTC. Gradually, this abnormal town started to feel like home. Until the age of 15 I didn’t know numerous individuals who had moved away from their youth homes. Everybody that I realized growing up were the individuals I figured I would go to secondary school with. I accepted individuals were intended to remain in one spot until they knew what their identity was and who they needed to be, which I accepted stumbled upon graduating secondary school. In any case; when I moved from Colorado to Florida I understood this wasn’t valid in any way. Moving has made me the individual that I am and has helped me to settle on the individual I need to be and given the open door I would decide to move once more. In spite of the fact that I have no clue what my future holds, I realize I will succeed any place I am, on the grounds that I’ve had this experience.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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