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In Islam, the revelation came to Prophet Mohammed when he was approaching 40 years of age. In Christianity, it is believed that Jesus Christ begun his public Ministry while he was thirty years of age. In the Jewish custom, it was Moses who was handed over the Torah to bring to the community of Israel. In Islam and Christianity, both hold the fact that Jesus and Muhammad had a long period of meditation before they finally begun their public mission. The scene is different for Moses who all along was with the people of Israel.

It is however, important to note that Moses also encountered a vision in the form of the burning Bush. We see a scene that is similar on the three, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In the three occasions, Muhammad, Jesus and Moses went into solitude with God to gain spiritual insight. Revelation in Islam was in the form of the Quran, prescribed to Prophet Muhammad. Christians on the other hand draw their strength from the Gospels and the Jews depend on the Torah for daily guidance.

Introduction of Islam in Arabia and Opposition

It was after a series of meditation expanding several weeks that the prophet decided to spread the message of Quran. The first converts in the Arabian land were his wife, Khadija, his ten year old cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib, adopted son Zaid and close friend Abu Bakr. Few members of the Arabian world responded to his message contained in the Quran. Majority, however, ignored his proclamation.

In his introduction of Islam, the Prophet condemned the idol worships that majority of the Arab world was involved in. The preaching was also characterized with sharp criticism of the forefathers who were practicing polytheism. This led to an opposition against eth prophet in Mecca and the people did not want to hear anything about his new found religion. Despite the followers increasing in number, the prophet was singled out as a threat by the local rulers and they viewed him as part of a plot to overthrow the kingdom. The Prophet refused to several request of denouncing the Islamic Religion and pursued it whole heartedly.


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