1) Consider all the relevant activities that you did to prepare for the sales call. Based on the principles thatwe have covered in the course,…

1) Consider all the relevant activities that you did to prepare for the sales call. Based on the principles thatwe have covered in the course, explain why you did each of these. (3 points)2) Consider your overall objectives for the sales call and your planned strategy to meet these objectives.Explain how the activities that you considered in Q1 led you to these objectives and planned strategy. (3points)3) Use the Grading Guidelines for Roleplay to critically evaluate your own performance in the roleplay, andthen come up with a numerical score for each of the three criteria (preparation out of 3, communication outof 6.5, professionalism out of 3). As a note, the best critical evaluations are usually the most honest ones,and you can refer to the Zoom recording while doing this. (3.75 points)4) Adherence to formatting guidelines: (.25 point)You are encouraged to use appendices (e.g., evidence of preparation, plan document) that support yourresponses to these questions. Finally, as an example of the difference between what is expected for Q1 andQ2, the response for Q1 might mention the activity of researching a library database in order to understandthe likely needs of the prospect; the response to Q2 would explain that, based on this research in Q1, youidentified cross-platform compatibility as a primary need that the prospect has; therefore, one of your salescall objectives was to demonstrate NetSuite’s cross-platform compatibility and your planned strategy tomeet this objective was to provide client testimonials because client testimonials are typically extremelyeffective at convincing prospects in “new task” buying decisions.Grading Guidelines for Reflection:As mentioned in the syllabus, “Doing well on written submissions requires answering all questions, beingspecific in your responses, providing in-depth analyses and reasoning, evaluating alternatives (whereapplicable), avoiding logical/factual inconsistencies, being grammatically accurate, and adhering to thesubmission guidelines.”Superior submissions generally meet all of the following criteria and sub-criteria for each answer, goodsubmissions meet almost all, adequate submissions meet most, poor submissions meet some, and failingsubmissions meet few or none:Content: Answering all specific questions and requirements outlined (requires careful reading of theassignment); in-depth analyses and explanation, especially when considering alternatives or options.Clarity: Consistency of terminology and no ambiguity.Professionalism: Adherence to grammatical and submission guidelines

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