August 13, 2019

The Quiet Generation | Do My Homework

Introduction Aldous Huxley once noted that the progress in technology has granted the human population an effective means of going backwards. Is there an indication that the current generation as depicted by Thomas Friedman is a ‘Quiet Generation? And do the words of Adolf Huxley illustrate our society? I agree with Thomas Friedman in granting the generation the name. The current generation is seen as being optimistic as well as idealistic. For instance, young college students are much determine not to let the events of terrorist attack derail their quest for a better society, they do so in a quiet mood. Furthermore, are they getting out in large numbers to demonstrate their cause? Thomas Friedman notes that the current generation is not radically as the past generations. By doing so, there demands and wishes are quietly being reflected upon without mush enthusiasm. In this type of environment, there is nod effective change that is much yearned for. In commenting on why the United States is good at several things and lacking in others, John Kenneth Galbraith had this to say, ‘The drive toward complex technical achievement offers a clue as to why the U.S is good at space gadgetry and […]