August 13, 2019

Personal Letter | Do My Homework

To My Darling Mother, The greatest gift and the biggest advantage I had while growing up was you, mother. I love you and always will. It was the greatest privilege that God gave me in my life. Every moment I pray, I thank him for your presence. I am proud to be a responsible person today as a result of the values and confidence you instilled in me. Growing up in your midst was a privilege like no other and you shaped me into a person many desire to become. I am proud of you mum. As I grew up, you made me believe in anything I wanted to become, and you were always eager to give a helping hand towards this cause. I promise to live to the commands of respecting God, a virtue you taught me as I grew up. You were my first teacher who taught me that appreciating the world was part of success. I am always ready to take a challenge in life reflecting that you are near to give me the needed advice. I promise to be there for you in all circumstance you go through because you taught me so. If there is […]