August 13, 2019

Knowledge Management | Do My Homework

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: IT LITERATIVE REVIEW ABSTRACT Overtime Thune has been a marked interest in the use of soft systems methodology as a means of handling information system problems. However in this paper a soft systems methodology would be applied in the context of action research for analyzing a knowledge management problem in a real world situation.   In this case I do understand that implementation success significantly is dependant on striking the right balance of intervention and reflection on the prevalent practices of an organization, then I chose soft systems methodology as it comes in handy as valuably a strategic approach to conduct a practice driven/based information research.   A case study from a corporate entity is chosen to illustrate how soft systems methodology can be applied to understand dynamic and complex situations or as a problem solving strategy for knowledge management. Introduction In any institution or organization, knowledge management tends to get complex out of the act that it is an issue that involves different individuals, teams all which impact differently towards the philosophy and the political economy of that institution or organization. Consequently, researching this subject can be subjective in that people harbor various world views and cultures […]