August 13, 2019

Assignment 04 | Do My Homework

Part 1 Most of the changes that newborn faces are the same for all family members. These changes include being brought to the world, meeting new parents, and having a new home. There are many things that a newborn experience and most of them are new to them. Each child experiences a different first day in the world. Some newborns experience a healthy start to life with both parents ready to support them, while others it is quite different. As time goes by, newborns form a bond with their parents and primary caregivers. With consistent love and support, the child learns to trust them and form strong bonds. Infants who face neglect, abuse or a lack of support tend to withdraw their trust from the parents and primary caregiver. For mothers, she begins to experience change from the moment she is pregnant. There is a mixture of anxiety and happiness as she waits for the newborn. Providing the mother with the required education of what to expect may help her with the transition. After the child is delivered, the mother may experience a change in hormones in the body. These change in hormones may cause mood swings and depressions. In […]