August 13, 2019

Hospital Report | Do My Homework

Hospital Report My visit was done to the cardiac Centre in a department called the “Nuclear Cardiology Department”. There are a maximum of three staff members in this department and who are concerned with the examination as well as a nurse. The Protocol Used in the Hospital The indications of images are as follows: Detection of coronary artery disease, the classification of left ventricular myocardium as normal, irreversibly ischemic, and reversibly ischemic. This also entails detection of the myocardial perfusion abnormalities which are secondary to causes other than coronary artery disease. The examinations which are undertaken with regard to rest test and stress scans are completed within the same day. The total time allocated for rest acquisition is: One to one and a half hours for treadmill stress study. One to one and half hours for persantine stress study and Ten minutes for stress prone acquisition. The study requires that the patient have to discontinue all medicines which affect myocardial perfusion. This will enable the success of the study. The discontinuation of all medicines is characterized with limited long acting Beta blockers for at least 48 hours, propranolol for at least 24 hours, and long acting nitrates for at least […]