August 13, 2019

Improvement of Technology | Do My Homework

Introduction The United Arab Emirates, popularly referred to as the UAE, is a young country with vibrant economy. Higher educational institutions in the country were first geared towards vocational training and as a result, Colleges of Technology were opened in 1988. ICT has also been uplifted in UAE schools following the education reforms announced by ADEC in 2006. It can therefore be concluded that some of the most promising and innovative practices in the education sector in UAE involves technology. Firms as well as several corporations have not been left behind as they try to align with the changing times of technology. The paper aims at addressing the given concepts that are being used towards improving technology in the United Arab Emirates. In an emerging economy like that of UAE, investors are continuously coming in hence suggesting a high competitive arena. This can as well be boosted by various companies keeping in touch with changes in technology. Improving Technology in Operational Management Most Middle East countries are recording an increasing growth rate in using the internet. This is a sign that challenges in terms of technological expertise will be realized. However, it is important to point out that there has […]