August 14, 2019

Compare and Contrast Gilgamesh and JOB in the Bible | Do My Homework

Introduction Joseph Campbell, a renowned American mythologist, notes that he did not believe that people go through life searching for its meaning. He argues that people go through life searching for its meaning. The same experience can be illustrated by Job and Gilgamesh. The two characters come from two different cultures and as such, we are better placed to define them. Gilgamesh was a ruler who wielded authority over the Sumerian City of Uruk. In the traditional context, he was believed to be two thirds man and one third mortal (Lawall et al). He had courage like the great wild bull. On the other hand, Job was a man in the Bible. He is popularly known among the Christians for the fate that befell him when God allowed him to suffer. The following presentation will illustrate the characteristics shared by the two characters in their own identity as well as the differences between them. It is therefore true, that the two persons travelled through life in search of its meaning, which they eventually won through perseverance. Job suffers for the love of God, while Gilgamesh does so for Enkidu. Similarities between Job and Gilgamesh             Suffering The story of Gilgamesh […]