August 13, 2019

America became a world power, between 1890 – 1974 | Do My Homework

How America became a world power, between1890 – 1974 In the early 1890’s, major countries like the United Kingdom and Germany were gaining control over countries in Africa. In the United States, things were different. They were not interested in gaining power through colonizing people with various cultures, languages and religions. The United States through an older generation of moralists viewed that ruling other countries without gaining their consent violated their republicanism (Mandelbaum). They wanted to focus on uplifting societies that were backward. The United States wanted to become naval power through replacing its wooden sailing ships with those of steel vessels that were powered by oil or even coal in 1883. The United States viewed that in order to control the seas; they had to acquire the naval bases as well as coaling stations. While various countries from Europe were engaged in power struggles over colonies, America was domestically positioning itself so as not to be closed out in the struggle for global markets and raw materials (Digital History). In the 1890’s., America witnessed half of its petroleum and a quarter of the nation’s farm being sold overseas. The United States gained global support over their derived policy to […]