August 12, 2019

Consumer Behavior Journal/Shopping Audit | Do My Homework

Date Place of purchase Items Brand name prices Other information. Reasons for purchase 19th Jan Miami Florida. 2 Sugar cookies. Lucy’s $30.63 @ On Offer. For the granny. 20th Jan Miami, Florida Sugar free sweets   Sugar Sweets.     Fruit Sugar $29.99     $100 Requirement at School.   Used for powdered drinks Order to control diabetics. For pudding. 21st Jan Washington DC Fat. Betty Croker low fat $ 50 Low cholesterol cooking. Weight loss 22nd Jan Washington Soap St.Ives $40 Helpful for the skin. To reduce skin irritation. 23rd Jan Washington Ointment   Lettuce Neo Strata   Romaine lettuce   $75   $40 Not harmful to eyes. Recommended as vegetables. For beauty.   For use as salad. 24th Jan New Jersey. Detergents.   Drinks Close Up   Gurana based Energy drinks. $ 60   $100 Fight cavities   Level of awareness. Heal the gums. Regulating the energy level. 5th Jan New Jersey Detergents Respondent complete care $60 For healthy smile. Fight tooth decay   Question 1 part II I prefer using the Lucy’s sugar cookies as a consumer unlike the other type because of their relatively low sugar level. On this particular occasion, I purchased them for my […]