August 12, 2019

organization’s innovation and change strategy | do my homework

Introduction Organizational change is undertaken to improve the performance of the organization or part of the organization (McNamara, 2011). This change happens when an organization revises its strategy for success, creates or abolishes departments and processes. The change is hard to effect because it is like changing the habits of a human being, it’s a process that takes time and human will to undertake and do so successfully. Of course, just like in people, in organizations there is also the risk of reverting back to old habits that no longer serve the organization. The upside is that there exists a lot of research and experience through people to effectively handle such pressures. Managers are by nature expected to know how to handle change and to help their organizations adopt new policies, processes and personnel. Consultancy organizations and individuals have also moved into this niche area in a bid to fill the need that exists. This is because regardless of how many books a manager reads on this topic, there is no standard procedure for effecting change. There are many approaches to guiding change -some planned, structured and explicit, while others are more organic, unfolding and implicit (McNamara, 2011). In recent […]