August 12, 2019

Contemporary Nursing Practice | Do My Homework

  Introduction: Purpose and Thesis Statement Purpose: The main purpose of this study is the evaluation of emerging trends in the field of nursing. There is increasing focus on evidence based and patent centered care. Equally, there is increasing differentiation of tasks for ADN and BSN nurses. The relevance of collaboration in enhancing care delivery is also explored. Thesis statement: For nurses to deliver quality care, they need to align their skills and competencies with emerging needs and competencies in the field of nursing. Q1 The nursing practice have changed over time. The nurses are being required to offer services from different locations besides their fixed locations. Equally they are required to treat patients with high level of social cultural diversity (Whitney, 2018). Nurses are thus required to be more culturally competent.  Many nurses are also being required to work past their retirement due to shortage of nurses in many health facilities. The adoption of information technology in the field of nursing have also transformed the manner in which records are documented in health facilities. The adoption of patient centered care have also enhanced the efficacy of service delivery resulting in realization of the desired patient health outcomes.  These new developments […]