August 12, 2019

HLTH Health Practitioner Practice | Do My Homework

Making Links The issue at hand in this case is the Paramedic’s Dilemma and the role it plays in the provision of emergency medical treatment on the site of an accident. Furthermore, it is imperative to note whether it is beneficial to today’s health care system. The importance Saving life is very paramount and it is necessary that we avoid unnecessary expense when we can make positive outcome. On the spot medication in Australia assists the declining number of doctors to make quick response to a particular situation. The practice of the provision of site accident will most likely lower the medical costs that might be incurred and it is likely to prevent high death rates (Revell et al 2002). On the spot treatment is also important in that it offers quick and timely medication to the patients hence allowing other doctors to attend to other patients Links to the big ideas Loading the patient into the van is mostly going to subject the patient to better treatment in the hospital where there are several facilities. Load and go situation on this occassion provides the opportunity to respond to the medical needs that are beyond the abilities of the paramedic. […]