August 12, 2019

Thebes and King Oedipus sends Creon | Do My Homework

Question 1 There is a terrible curse that has characterized Thebes and King Oedipus sends Creon, his brother in law to seek Apollo’s advice. However, the terrible cause can only be lifted if the murder of the former King who was Laius is convicted and handed over the sentence.  The former king met his death at crossroads several years back. As a result of Creon message, the King embarks on a mission to find the killer of the former king. His intention to find the murder prompts him in subjecting citizens who are unwilling to questioning which also involved a blind prophet (Homer). The shocking news is the revelation that the murderer of the former king is king Oedipus himself. This was according to the report of the blind prophet. As always, the kings wife objects to this message and prevails upon the king not to accept the blind prophet verdict. She terms the prophet as being wrong. The wife thinks that by reminding the King of a story will solve his worry. This leads to several assumptions as to why the curse is in the city. The King hence remembers that he had killed a man at eth crossroads […]