August 12, 2019

British Airways Business Strategies I Do My Homework

TOPIC: British Airways business strategies. British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom.  The company has been the best in commercial aviation with more than 550 destinations around the world. British airways have been on the lead with innovative services. As well known it was the pioneer of scheduled international passenger travelers Airline connecting famous London-Paris route. British Airways introduced services of supersonic speeds jet engines airplanes for commercial flights. The company has about 46,000 employees with 6000 working outside the United Kingdom. The company enjoys more than 36 million customer base. British Airways strategy Investing in People and products: The company invests heavily in continuous training of the huge staff base so that they can serve the big client base. As Janet Windeeatt, the company’s head of training comments, the company invests in training in matters since the company recognizes training as a key to delivering quality and satisfactory services to its customer. Customer service delivery is a key to business viability and growth. The company has adapted a program known as “BA Way.” This was a program to outline the company model and brand. The company energy to stay at top in the industry was to […]