August 14, 2019

Fluor Company | Do My Homework

Financial Leadership Profile David T. Seaton- He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fluor Constructors International since 1985. Michael Steuert is eth senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Fluor Constructors International since 2001 Mr. Michael Steuert is responsible for implementing the global financial strategy of the company. He has also served as a senior vice president as well as chief financial officer for Litton industries (Fluor Corporation, 2010). During his tenure at Litton, he implemented a variety of corporate initiatives which resulted in improvement in shareholding value before the acquisition of Northrop. Prior to joining Litton Industries, Steuert also served as a senior vice president and financial officer for GenCorp Inc which is a diversified automotive, aerospace company and specialty chemicals. Michael Steuert experience in the financial sector can be traced back in 1971 where his financial management career begun. He begun working with TRW upon which he served in several positions of management in a period spanning 15 years, He was also a director of finance in charge of European operations of the same company. He holds a bachelor’s and masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University as well as completing post graduate training at Harvard University […]