August 14, 2019

Advent of Technology and Pool of its Harvest | Do My Homework

Comparative Analysis paper To what generation can we compare the current youthful experience? Is it true that technology has brought on a new dimension to our state of thinking? The second question can be answered in the affirmative. The following paper is going to evaluate Generation Q which has been written by Thomas L. Friedman and compare it to the works of Rob Fishman in his literature dubbed, ‘The Generation of Generation Q.’ Generation Q, which is the name given by Thomas L. Friedman in his article named ‘the Generation Q.’ This generation is characterized by young Americans engaged in controversial issues. The events of September 9/11 saw a new type of genesis of a new lifestyle among the youthful Americans and as a result, they indulge in unfruitful activities (Friedman 98). Oh the other hand, there is another generation being described by Rob Fishman and which evaluates generation Q to the generation of generation Q by Thomas L. Friedman. Rob Fishman emphasizes on changes brought about by Technology. It is therefore imperative to assert that both reflections carry out an evaluation of the generations in different perspectives. Rob Fishman and Thomas L. Friedman are diverse in their arguments. The […]