August 14, 2019

Vietnam Economy | Do My Homework

Vietnam is a developing country that is located at the Middle East. It is said to have a population of around eighty five million people and comprising of fifty four different ethnicities and people of different nationalities. According to the U.N report 2009 the population had reached 83 million people. The main practiced religion is Buddhism. This country came as a result of merging the northern and the southern Vietnam which in former years was in constant fighting with each other. Even after the world war II French was still at the central of the wars in Vietnam and continued their rule until their defeat by the communist in 1945.Vietnam became a unified country in the year 1975 after it had been ravaged in wars for several years. The Vietnam War was one of the wars that Vietnam was in and it happened in the late 1950s and involved a couple of more countries like Cambodia. Before that was the first Indochina war fought between the North and the southern Vietnam. The north was supported by their communist allies while the south had its support from the U.S and other anti-communist nations. The country is now under the rule of […]