August 13, 2019

Interaction Design | Do My Homework

Executive Summary There is a growing specialization in terms of information technology resulting to a strong tendency in meeting consumers needs. Web design should therefore be intended for the development of an organization. The process of web design may utilize multiple disciplines such as animation, authoring, human computer interaction, graphic design and even interaction designed, all aiming at meeting a given objective. The following research will focus on an effective system that employs the star model framework (Lowgren et al 2004). The concept is the foundation upon which various organizations base their design choices. The following study aims at presenting an evaluation on how effective is the star model in designing an effective website. Introduction Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is characterized by the way people interact with computers and to an extent, how we can understand computers. This type of interaction can be divided into there parts which include the user, computer and the way through which they interact. The main goal of HCI is to produce usable, functional as well as a safe system. The study presents the concept of understanding the factors which determine how users entertain technology (Stapleton 1997). The other segment involves the development of tools […]