Example Sequence Diagram (For course registration): —————————— Assignment 2 —————————— Instruction: I want you to develop a (moderately complex) sequence diagram based on this scenario. I…

Sequence Diagram (For course registration):

Assignment 2 ——————————


want you to develop a (moderately complex) sequence diagram based on
this scenario. I will let you decide what a moderately complex
sequence diagram is. But, just as a suggestion: A sequence diagram
with 3-5 classes/instances and 5-7 messages would be reasonable!
Kinda similar to the “this student wants to register for this
course offering” example we saw in class, okay? To develop the
sequence diagram, you will have to design the necessary / supporting
classes — with the necessary variables to capture the state, and
self-explanatory messages, with the appropriate input parameters in
the interface of these classes. You will need to instantiate objects
and then articulate the behavioral dynamics in the sequence diagram.
As discussed in the class, I will be checking for alignment between
your class designs [20 points] and your sequence diagram [20 points].
So…here you go…here’s the scenario. [ Think of this as a
requirement gathering interview transcript. You are trying to make
sense of this rich description and will have to design a system
around these “requirements” Okay?]


items across international boundaries is very complicated. At the
outset, selecting between shipping vendors is difficult. Some
shipping vendors like to charge for every individual service
separately (packing, packing fragile items, helping with customs
clearance across boundaries, helping with insurance paperwork and
claims in the event of damages) whereas some vendors charge a
lumpsum. For the person(s) shipping items, it is not easy to estimate
how much volume all their things will occupy. The shipping vendor is
often trying to estimate if this particular shipment will require
half a shipping container or one third of a shipping container or a
full container. All boxes are often organized on top of each other as
pellets. [Kinda like the game of Tetris! But a little different…Heavy
boxes at the bottom, lighter boxes stacked up on top. We want to make
sure nothing topples over.] Boxes get stacked up on top of each
other. The original quote for the shipment is based on an initial
estimate of volume. The actual items shipped changes as people
shipping things either discard somethings and / or keep acquiring new
things to move. [ I was throwing things till the last day and I was
buying new things till the last day.] I shared about 100 pictures
with the shipping vendors for them to estimate the volume of my
shipment. Teddy, [he managed the entire packing and shipping effort
for me] also once came home to take a look at all my things in my
flat. [Not one hair on his head was black and so the man had a lot of
experience.] I could quickly sense he knew what he was doing. He
recommended that I discard some furniture and also explained the
complexities of packing up some other weirdly-shaped things that
could not fit into regular small / medium or large boxes. Labelling
of boxes needs to be accurate so that the fragile items are not
damaged. Sometimes packing involves dis-assembly of furniture or
things at the origin. At the destination, furniture of things then
will need to be re-assembled or put together. A particular shipping
company can arrange for the dis-assembly of furniture at the origin.
They cannot however, promise re-assembly of furniture in the
destination country. Contents of every box have to be clearly
labelled. After all, a customs officer can ask for any box to be
opened and inspected. Some destinations don’t allow food to be
brought it. [You can’t take a single fruit to New Zealand. They
will put you in jail!!] Most destinations now don’t allow any
batteries / items which have batteries in your shipment. Shipping
electrical items can be tricky as the electrical systems are also
very different across international boundaries. Once I decided to
work with Teddy and his company, I was asked to pay half the deposit
(half of the original quote).

packed up about 20 boxes myself. Kept all the boxes open so Teddy and
folks at his shipping company could come in and inspect if my packing
/ labelling was okay. They came in and packed a lot of the rest of
the stuff, which took another 15 boxes. I was also asked to pay the
other half of the originally quoted amount. Then, I think they asked
me to make another payment as I ad exceeded the original volume
estimates. Some of my things could not fit into standard boxes. There
are standard small, medium and large boxes. Somethings need to be
specially packed. For example, my guitars needed to be packed
separately. Thank god I went with this particular vendor; Teddy and
his team of packers were very good at using standard boxes as
building blocks and “making” new boxes of any dimension.
[Really!! They would tape together boxes, trim the sides, and make it
look like a new box of a new size. Truly amazing to watch them pack.]
They didn’t charge me extra for specially packing these fragile
items. But I had to share at least 100 photos of my things with them
before they came in so that they could come prepared with all the
necessary packaging materials. I shared pictures with a secretary,
Rosa, who would share them with Teddy. Teddy was coordinating the
whole effort. But Teddy was not eager to receive 100 pictures and ask
clarifying questions. Rosa was doing that. Lots and lots of
clarifications. She would see my pictures and ask what will be packed
and what will be discarded. She would circle things on the picture I
send her and ask lots of clarification questions. Tony was the one
handling all the paperwork. All the insurance valuation of what was
put in each box was handled via extensive communications with Tony.
Teddy didn’t want to get involved in any other those
communications. Eventually, all the boxes got stacked up. The initial
volume estimates were exceeded and so I had to pay a extra. I also
kept over valuing my things and so the insurance amount also
increased. I have some bespoke art and I value it very highly. They
asked me to produce receipts of the purchase of this bespoke art for
valuation purposes. But, I developed this art myself. And, so, I
don’t have any “invoice of purchase”. I valued the art highly,
I paid for the insurance. However, I am not sure how much of my
valuation can be recovered if anything goes wrong in transit. I hope
my art arrives here undamaged. [Dealing with insurance companies and
filing for claims and reimbursement can be a fulltime job!!]

shipment left Hong Kong on June 8th. When I left HK, I didn’t have
an address in the U.S. And, so, I gave the ITM departmental address
here at the Shidler College and listed Caroyln as the contact person.
[I told you Carolyn is a super woman!!] The other day I got an email
from Carolyn that I need to contact Karvi in Los Angeles. His company
is shipping my boxes to Honolulu. I guess Teddy subcontracted my
shipping assignment to some company in LA. They will bring my stuff
from LA to Honolulu. I think this is something the State of Hawai’i
wants? I really don’t care. I just want all my stuff to reach my
home. My flat is on the second floor and there is no elevator in my
building. Karvi and his logistics company in LA asked me describe the
local situation here; in particular, they asked me if my building has
an elevator or not. These 35 boxes need to be brought up 28 steps. I
am not sure if they will charge me additionally on top of what I paid
Teddy’s company already. Not sure how that subcontracting happened.
In any case, the last I heard from Karvi is that the shipment has
left his warehouse in LA. If I ask teddy in HK, they have no answers
for me anymore. I am hoping that my shipment will not arrive in
Honolulu while I am out on my research trip. Not sure if they will
charge me an additional amount to hold my shipment in another
warehouse in Honolulu if I am not at home to receive the shipment. [I
hope they don’t show up during our class time!!] After the shipment
left HK, I was assigned university housing. I obtained an address and
updated Karvi. He has still not updated me or answered the simple
question I asked him: when will my shipment reach my home in
Honolulu. I am not sure what lies ahead of me. Guests are arriving on
December 15. I got a new bedframe here; I hope my modular mattress

[the big mattress could be broken down into six pieces]

arrives in
time before my guests arrive on the 15th!! Tick tock! Tick tock!

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