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The basic purpose integrated in service encounter is the willing to see how your products are perceived by others and how this can lead to its productivity within or without. Service encounter is defined as the duration upon which the consumer gets in touch with the service provision. In this case, the second party does not come into play for it entails real interaction.  A service encounter diary helps the student to be related in the business world as a high rating individual who is able to tackle challenges that appertains to provision of services. One becomes more inclined and familiar with the implications in marketing of product intangibility, what the service entails, its characteristics and nature and finally the motivations that contribute towards business success. It brings focus to business in an integral form.

All integrated business enterprises always want to analyze how others, particularly how the consumer perceive their goods. For instance, service encounter are mostly encouraged during the working days where one can meet with the working community. It will not be worth the venture should one take a day like the weekend to carry out this practice. The result will be low record of consumer feedback for most of them always prefer taking rest on such a day. The days will also yield nothing in the case of a bank.

In carrying out such an evaluation, one comes to realize that the thinking skills are empowered as well as being in a good position of solving any challenges that are posed with the fast globalizing world. In a client exchange program, one develops a degree of broadened communication with the consumers. When a consumer is not satisfied with the products being offered, one realizes the causes of such demerits and in a combination of suggestions gathered by the student from the consumer makes amends on the way to go. Ideas are also shared on how to improve the market by new technological system.

In my first experience in service encounter I wanted to make an analysis in a hotel widely perceived by many as a tourist attraction. My aim of visiting this allocation was to experience the wide range of speed in delivering services to the consumer. Further, hotel business entails a change with the mode of competition being offered and my choice was because a hotel is the most frequently visited areas. People need food but which type depend on the input of the hotel offering that service. The owners of such type of business are daily committing to improving their services with the view of attracting more customers.

On this occasion what I witnessed on the first encounter at the entrance deploys an attraction to consumers. Am employee is deployed, who is very welcoming and directs you to a seat. It is necessary to note that the image of the hotel is largely portrayed by the way their employees conduct themselves. I then realized that another employee was available to make sure that I washed my hand with warm water and soap before being subjected to the order. The way the employees in this restaurant dressed indicated that they were very sensitive to hygiene. The clothes were white and being a Thursday, they were very white indicating that they were washed the previous day. The two employees who attended to me when I entered then vanished to pave way to another who took my order in a very polite way.

I was a bit disappointed when my order took twenty minutes to be availed. It was evening hours indicating that the management should be prepared to serve their clients, and one will understand if the order took five to ten minutes but twenty was too long. This was however solved when the management explained that my order was a bit time consuming as it is being cooked and instead they wanted me to leave satisfied other than to complain of it being raw. The aspect of service recovery took centre stage by the management in this case. I as well realized that I was the only one who had waited for such a long time, indicating that other consumers were being served on time with the order they have requested. This indicated that the management is able to cope with the consumer demand as well as capacity planning. The number of employees also suggested that the management can handle a large group of consumers at the same time. I also realized that some employees were moving out indicating that those who come for the night shift are different from those who work at day. The management has enough labor force at one particular moment of business.

I decided to visit the second mode of business which is the bank. This is not the bank I frequently use for my deposit and transfer but a different one altogether. This was not to know more of other banks and their customer service delivery. The first people I encounter were an official, who from the look on his badge, was part of the management team. He was a polite gentleman who welcomed me in a jovial way and directed me to the customer service desk. Like in many organizations, the owner of that desk was an attractive lady with a smart suit. I wanted to open a new bank account with this bank and the lady was at hand to offer me all the details I needed in the process. She then noticed me to go to the adjacent office where I found a gentleman, who without asking me what I wanted, handed me an application form. I realized that communication had already been made between these two parties.

The process did not take a long time neither did it require to go through a long queue. The gentleman perfectly served me on time and even showed m the way out. Within a short time, I had opened an account and then directed to another personnel who directed me through the banks operational strategy. Apart from opening an account I also wanted to know about the interest rates that are applied to long term loans. I also wanted to be convinced of how the bank was different from the one I was currently in, and if I stood a chance of benefiting from the bank should I borrow money. I was further educated on how the bank program itself to compete in the banking sector by offering services that are still not available in the country. I realized that the bank was giving even more insight to the consumer even though the consumer was not yet a depository agent with it. Consultations made were very intensive and very encouraging that I was left there weighing my options between the two banks.

The response I got in the bank was very friendly, and I was informed on a wide variety of banking incentives some of which I have never thought about. The impression by the employees indicates that they very much value a customer. This implies that the management has taken into consideration the aspect of motivating its employees. The information offered can help a client who wants to also venture in the business world, this is offered without paying a cent. The bank is therefore in apposition of offering supplementary services.

The third enterprise I paid a visit was the Post Office. In this case, I discovered a lack of communication between the working elite in the organization. When I entered the post office at midday, I found several people awaiting in the lines an indication that something was a miss. One of the counters labeled, “STAMPS”, was empty and there was no one to direct people who could not read. I wanted to post a letter and because it was the first time, I did not know of the procedure. I waited in the line for close to half an hour and when I finally arrived at the counter. I was informed to go to another counter to measure the weight of the letter before returning to the same counter for stamps. My expectation was to be given a very warm reception like in the two instances but the opposite was true. The personnel there were surly and grumpy. I was never served first as I had intended and hence I ended up wasting more time there.

There were no personnel to welcome you and guide you through the services they offer neither were there any friendly conversations in the institution. The employees seem to be there to earn their pay at the end of the month neglecting the fact that they should offer services for the benefit of themselves and the client. There is no motivation on the part of the staff and the management seems unaware with what is going on in the institution. In lack of enough personeel to serve the client, the institution demonstrated it lacks capacity in planning. I also left the place as a consumer who was not satisfied with the service provision.

The next venture I visited was a college that offers Information Technology studies. The college is located in the outskirts of the city in a remote environment. I opted for this site because it is the only high level academic ground in my village. In order to arrive there, I had to border two vehicles with a single one costing double the amount I would pay for my fare back in town. It is located in a very conducive learning environment with trees surrounding the brick fence. As soon as I arrive I notice a large billboard with words, “Inspire before you expire in Technology,” I have to attribute these words to be very attracting as well as meaningful. The gateman salutes me in a way that one will propose that I am a certain director in the Ministry of education. The total silence I witness at the gate depicts that learning session is in progress. I decide to walk through the classes, and what I witness in the lecture room where there are no lectures is that students are busy. I finally meet the deputy of the institution who informs me that his senior is out attending a workshop for college heads. He instead takes the initiative to guide me through.

In the next one and a half hour, I am taken through the history of the school which inspire of the deputy being needed in another session, he offers to help me anyway. Despite the institution being allocated in a remote setting, it is one of the best recognized learning institutions in the country. The students are motivated to study without the lecture being available and the learning environment indicates that they are success oriented. Opposite the learning institution is a medical facility. I went there to get a bit of medication as well as part of the consumer service encounter. The feeling I get as I enter is a gate that is falling on the left side, a sign that it has been neglected for quite sometime. At the reception there’s a long queue of patient awaiting to be attended to while the receptionist is busy going through some documents that is required by a nurse. In the queue I realize there are mothers with children in great need of medication while the staff at this place goes about their duties not in a hurry to attend to us.

Some distance away enters a well dressed man who has a very serious face and from the reaction of the staff, one learns that he is a leader in the institution. The leader do not bother enquire how the medication is going on and from the look of things he also seem overwhelmed with his work. As soon as I enter the consultation room, I observe pieces of cotton lying all over, some with blood. I realize that the hospital is not keen in observing hygiene and being a government institution, service delivery is very poor. I was given direction on what to do and told to take some medicine from the laboratory, next to the leader’s office. The amount of money I paid at this institution did not reflect the publicity of such an institution, for there charges were on the higher side but they offer poor services. It was not easy to see the official assigned to manage this institution while the rest of the staff seemed busy doing nothing. I left very disappointed with what I experienced.

In my last research on consumer service encounter, I visited the airline recently opened at the border of our country. The airline is still young in its but when you near the location, four nicely dressed ladies welcome you with placards that bears the message: We have to make you feel at home. They as well offer brochures about the airline and the services they offer. They have three receptions that are staged to ensure quick response to clients need. The customer cares are very friendly and when I enquire to meet the operations manager, I am ushered to his office without much difficulty. In my conversation with the manager, I discover of how they are planning to market the airline within the continent before going global. In my conversation I discover that they are more techno survey in their marketing as well as reaching the grassroots in their marketing. I learn more on airline and the legal system that govern its operation. The manager as well decided to show me around and show me what they are involved in doing. The reception of the staff is very welcoming.


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Date Time Particular service and price. Location of encounter. Description of nature of encounters and general description, e.g., intended purpose of purchase, considered other alternatives e.g. situational factors.
  7pm Restaurant

(Price of food)

Urban setting The situation of the environment depicts a satisfying setting to the client. The consumer service provision is excellent with management meeting service demand and capacity building.
  10am Bank.

Free opening of account

Urban setting The provision of service is excellent with provision of the consumer to get more insight into the business world. Intensive consultations are made and the consumer leaves sufficient with the information acquired.
  11am Post Office.

Charges of posting a letter.

Urban setting Poor service delivery. The management has not motivated the staff. No clearer modalities are put in place to enable effective communication. There is low self esteem on the operating staff.
  10am College Rural setting Services offered are of high class despite the location.

The College is positioning itself for stiffer competition in meeting the increasing technological demand.

  12noon. Health Centre Rural setting There is total neglect on the part of the management to attract more consumers while at the same time service delivery is very poor.

The environmental factors are quite discouraging.

  2pm Air strip. Rural setting. The laid down process indicate that the management is on a high alert to market the airline.

There is capacity building on the part of management.


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