Consider acts 1-3. What do the different characters suggest about whether this is a drama about morals or if it is a play about political…

Consider acts 1-3. What do the different characters suggest about whether this is a drama about morals or if it is a play about political power struggles? Consider the leadership styles of the different characters. Does one revail prevail throughout acts 1, 2, and 3? If it does, how does it affect the action and conflicts?

Present and support your position by citing/referencing specific passages/characters from acts 1-3. Provide act, scene, and line references rather than page numbers in the in-text citation.

Sample Solution
My opinion about this analogy created by these philosophers are that the cave represented most of the people in the world today that is trapped and doesn’t know the half of what this world consists of. I believe I am one of these people that knows about life based on what happens in my shell and what I am taught by those around me. I believe I need to go out and experience what other forms of life can teach me and no matter if I get hurt or lose people along the way I know it would help me grow as an individual. The shadows also represented to me in my opinion what were supposed to think from childhood such as having to go to school to get a good job ad have a lot of money to be happy or getting in relationships to be considered loved and happy. I believe it’s the majority way of thinking because were so focused on what each other thinks and are in this shell trying to compete against one another or be like one another because that’s what were supposed to do. I think if we each were to step out this cave, we can each be unique individuals and see life as beauty and happiness that comes within ourselves and not money or relationships. I believe us young ones can also mature faster by figuring out life ourselves and not be taught and condoned to how life should be or think the truth comes from people that experienced things and are passed down to the next generation. The Allegory Cave concept was essential on explaining how people understand the world based off their small ways of thinking and provided reasoning as to why people should step out and face reality and not be so comfortable with where they stand. I believe its an important concept that everyone should follow because it would also help individuals grow and not be so quick to have hard times or disappointment because they will realize there is more to life than we think.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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