Should Companies Gather Information About Their Customers?

Information privacy is a big and growing issue. Every time you log onto the internet and visit an online retailer, news company, or social media…

Information privacy is a big and growing issue. Every time you log onto the internet and visit an online retailer, news company, or social media site, companies gather information about you. Should they have the right to do so, or should the practice be banned? Why do you think so? Explain your answer.

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One very important point is that the app stayed very close to the proposal, most of what was proposed and planned is what eventually happened and created. This was because of the good feedback given for the proposal and so it was very clear that the project was headed in the direction and it would be a good idea to stick to that direction. The testing proved a success because from it many faults were found within the app which is good as it helps in the overall success and development of the app. However it should be mentioned that the faults found were not severe and only either minor cosmetic issues or little features that could be added to overall improve the experience of the app. One fault that was found was that when the user finds a coffee shops and gets directions to it, the app doesn’t show the distance in metric units. Therefore the user would have to just the distance by the line given by the app. This could be improved so that upon giving directions the distance is given and this would improve the experience of that app as it’s a feature that can only help. Additionally another tester found that the app would be better with an internal GPS that follows the user and gives live directions. Now the app does have this feature but it’s an external one in that it opens up google maps and carries out the function through that. The tester thought that it would be better if it was all internal as and this is a good point because one problem that can arise is that, however unlikely it is, some people may not have google maps and so having this feature built into the app would make the app much more useful. Another query made by a tester was that when the app starts and the user clicks on the button that locates the user’s location, the map doesn’t fall exactly onto the user and instead lands slightly off. It does fall on the same area as the user but just slightly off. Now for this a feature was put in place that brings the user to center view via pressing a track button in the top right corner, but the tester wasn’t aware of this. Nevertheless this is something that should be fixed so that the user wouldn’t need to use the track feature, it should be there as more of a failsafe and not a constant requirement. In the Use Case Diagram provided in a previous section it could be seen that one proposed idea for the app was to have a section where the user could view and a selected coffee shops opening, closing times and menu. This was not added due to time constraints but it’s something that could be added to majorly improve the overall accessibility of the app as it gives an alternative audience, people who aren’t in a rush, something more and useful. This could also add to the social aspect of the app and attract way more people. Lastly, there was one idea that wasn’t proposed in the proposal but one that could greatly improve user experience and repeated use of the app. It was to create a section where users of the app could save favorite locations and then find these locations without having to manually find the places on the map. This would save a lot of time for repeat users and for those that only like going to select few coffee shops as it gives them a way to bypass the normal routine and find directions to saved destinations much quickly and easily. SUMMARY So to summarise it can be seen that the tests carried out, played a major role in the critiquing of the app and finding problems that otherwise may not have been found. This also helps with the overall development of the app as now it can be made to become something more and better for users that aren’t the intended targets, the app can branch out to a wide variety of people. Lastly the comparison between the proposal and final outcome of the project showed that the app kept mostly faithful to the proposal and the targets set out were mostly followed and achieved.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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